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Mythbusting the Dutch Bros. Coffee Conspiracy


The straw device is simple. Pink represents pretty, inexperienced approach you’re unsightly, orange indicates you’re strange, yellow symbolizes common and blue suggests rudeness in keeping with the “The Veronica James Show” and plenty of fans of the famous espresso stand, Dutch Brothers.

This “straw code” become mysteriously evolved with a floating controversy amongst clients on whether or not it exists or now no longer. According to numerous websites, one being “The Veronica Show,” clients say that they have got witnessed the “straw code” in movement on a number of their visits, at the same time as it wasn’t obvious on others.

Catherine Rubino, a junior at Granite Bay High School who frequents Dutch Brothers on a almost day by day basis, doesn’t trust in the “straw code”.

“I don’t assume (it exists) due to the fact I cross all of the time and that they generally deliver me the identical colour each time,” Rubino stated.

With the consistent hustle and bustle that the Dutch Brothers personnel must maintain up with, it appears irrational that they might spare seconds on some thing like selecting a positive coloured straw.

“I assume it’s a fable due to the fact I don’t see why the employees might without a doubt care approximately the straw colour (that they deliver),” Rubino stated.

Like Rubino, GBHS sophomore Sammy Giblin is going to Dutch Bros regularly and has additionally heard approximately the supposed “straw codes.”

In comparison to Rubino’s beliefs, Giblin thinks that the “straw code” does exist.

Although she is aware of that the straws constitute distinct characteristics, hers had been distinct than those published on “The Veronica Show.” Allegedly, each blue and orange show up to symbolize mysterious.

Dutch Bros

“I trust the straw code exists,” Gimblin stated. “But (I assume) it relies upon at the employees and the place.” Gimblin has talked to employees who say that they simplest assign the coloured straws thru the “straw device” occasionally.

“They stated they don’t partake in it while it’s packed however if there’s only some automobiles they will,” Gimblin stated. According to Gimblin, a few places do it extra regularly than others.

“The Citrus Heights place has stated they do it regularly, however I haven’t visible it on the Granite Bay place,” Gimblin stated.

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Although she can’t be definitely certain whether or not the straw code without a doubt exists, she is fascinated with the concept of it.

“I love it. It’s my absolute favored,” Gimblin stated. Trinity Burley, a GBHS junior and common Dutch Brothers purchaser, doesn’t assume the name of the game straw device is real.

“I do now no longer trust in it. It exists due to the fact ladies need to assume human beings deliver them red straws due to the fact they assume that they’re cute,” Burley stated.

To Burley, the device seems unrealistic and it stems from a feel of narcissism that clients need to seem a positive manner primarily based totally at the colour straw that they receive.

“I assume it’s dumb,” Burley stated. “I simply need coral straws due to the fact they’re my favored colour and I don’t care what that approach.”

Former GBHS scholar Rian Lombardo, like Gimblin, believes in Dutch Brothers’ straw colour device.

“I clearly didn’t recognise approximately it till like a month or ago,” Lombardo stated while requested if she become aware about the name of the game code.

Now that she is aware about it, she believes it exists in positive situations.

“I assume it actually relies upon,” Lombardo stated. “Sometimes I assume they’re simply in a rush and looking to get you inside and out of line, however every now and then yes (employees use the straw device).”

The cause that Lombardo believes in the “straw code” is that she has claimed to revel in it firsthand.

“Once a man become flirting with me and he gave me a red straw and winked at me and stated, ‘Wow you appearance amazing,’” Lombardo stated.

GBHS senior and Dutch Brothers worker Taylor Annis showed that it’s miles true: straws are assigned to clients via way of means of the straw device.

But, there’s a catch.

“We don’t ever actually use it.” Annis stated. “The simplest time we actually use it’s miles if we get the purchaser at a time in which we are able to interact with them and talk, now no longer while we’re in a hurry with a huge line.”

Now that the straw code has been uncovered as real, the subsequent time you visit Dutch Brothers for a drink, wish for a red straw.

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