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13 Roleplay Plots You Haven’t Thought Of Yet


One component that many creators understand is that amusing to have characters and distinctive universes to paintings with however what is the factor when you have not anything to do with them? Many human beings flip to roleplay as a amusing manner to apply characters, whether or not they may be unique or from a fandom. It’d a amusing break out for lots human beings however what occurs while you run out of thoughts to do? It’s a horrible spot to be in. So right here are some distinctive position play plot thoughts.

Guardian Angel

Person A has had many near-demise reviews of their lifestyles. They need to be useless however it is as though some thing is protective them. Then they meet Person B, their mother or father angel.

Vampire Prince

Person A is a vampire Prince. They rule the dominion and take a seat down at the throne, however it is all with reluctance. Every yr a sacrifice is added from a close-by village for The Vampire Royalty. They kidnap Person B and take them to the castle.

From right here you may move in any course you need! Person A can flip man or woman B right into a vampire, Person A may have mercy on them and ship them returned to the village, or perhaps even hold Person B as a puppy or some thing of the likes. This one could be very open so simply have amusing with it!

Mental Hospital Patient/ Doctor

Person A is a intellectual clinic patient, placed there for any cause you would like. So a long way no person has been capable of make development with Person A. That is till Person B comes alongside.

This one is ideal if you want getting deep into characters and their members of the family with others.

Western Universe

Person A is driving alongside the outskirts in their ranch once they see Person B at the ground. Person B has been shot and could quickly bleed to demise in the event that they are not helped.

I left this one pretty open too. Does Person A take the hazard and assist Person B? What will it price them if the do?

Werewolf Universe

13 Roleplay

I do not simply have some thing particular for this one. I experience it is a piece of an oldie however goodie. Similar to the Vampire one there are loads of methods you may move. Are they each werewolves? Is one human? Does one in all them get became and the opposite has to address it? Are there werewolf packs combating? There are simply so many opportunities with this one, simply move for it.

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Zombie Apocalypse

After dropping all in their supplies, pals and allies Person A reveals themselves misplaced and with none defense. That is till they run into Person B’s group. How does Person B react? Do they receive Person A with open fingers or are hi there adverse and wary?


This one commonly applies to fandom associated RP’s. Take the lead characters and opposite their roles. Make them the other of who or what they simply are and spot wherein that leads you.

Ghost and Haunted

Person A has simply moved into their new home. (Apartment, Mansion, comfortable metropolis residence, something you would like) The first few nights are peaceful. Then matters begin to get loopy and the meet Person B. Person B inhabited the house as soon as upon a time. They had been killed a few how and had been caught to their residence as a ghost.

Memory loss

Person A and Person B have recognized every different for a protracted time. Person A receives into an accident, giving them head trauma and inflicting them to overlook Person B, or maybe the whole thing they have got ever recognized. It’s as much as Person B to assist them don’t forget and in the event that they do not don’t forget, to assist them parent out their lifestyles.

Body Swap

I experience like this is reasonably self-explanatory. Person A and Person B transfer our bodies for a sure quantity of time. Chaos ensues as they are attempting to fake to be every different and kind the whole thing out.


(As withinside the movie, “Purge”)

Person A and Person B are going thru the Purge. They come to be caught collectively combating in opposition to individuals who need to kill them.

This one is reasonably open too. Have amusing with who your characters are and their popularity and such things as that.

Mind Reading for a day

Person A all at once wakes up with the cappotential to study minds. What occurs once they study their high-quality friend, Person B’s mind?

This may be a great spot to mix some other such a with this one! Maybe Person B had a few secrets and techniques they simply failed to need Person A to discover about.

Treasure Hunter Universe

Person A is a decent treasure hunter. They placed years of labor into locating the maximum first-rate treasure in their lifestyles most effective to have Person B, a treasure thief, to thieve it proper on the ultimate moment.

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