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The Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Watch In 2022- Here Is The List


Before diving straight into the popular coins let us understand what cryptocurrencies are. Cryptocurrency can be best defined as digital money which are existing online in the form of coins. The majority of all cryptocurrencies still only exist online even though there have been some that have been converted to credit cards and all other such schemes. 

The term “Altcoins,” or “shitcoins” in some situations, refers to the class of cryptocurrencies designed after Bitcoin. These cryptocurrencies commonly claim that they are better or more advanced iterations of Bitcoin. Even while some of these currencies might have appealing qualities that Bitcoin lacks, an altcoin has typically not yet been able to match the level of security that Bitcoin’s networks achieve. Therefore, now over 1000 cryptocurrencies are existing in the market. This can be difficult for a lot of people to decide which currency to invest in.  If you have to select the best option, start trading

If you are looking for handpicked coins to invest in, here are some most popular choice options listed below- 

  1. Ethereum

The working system of Ethereum in decentralized finance. Majority of the people believe that this working system has the potential to make us rethink everything related to financial systems. Such products are more than capable of letting consumers take out loans, invest money, and other such important products. All of this without even a peep from regulated financial entities. Ether came into the market in 2015, becoming the second-largest digital currency. Ether was valued at $169.5 billion on the market as of September 18, 2022, and was selling for around $1,383 per ETH, or less than half the price of bitcoin.

  1. Ripple 

Ripple created the XRP Ledger, a payment system, in 2012, and it uses XRP as its native currency. The Ripple Ledger Consensus Protocol functions without proof of work for validation. Instead, client applications sign transactions and send them to the ledger servers. The ripple servers are responsible for comparing the transactions and determining if it is important enough to be recorded on the ledger. The system also requires another class of people who are called validators. These validators then again further examine the transactions and check if the system is recording them correctly. This suggests that it might increase even further and cross the $1 threshold. One finds cryptocurrency you can choose to buy in 2022 is none other than XRP.

  1. Cardano

Cardano (ADA) has drawn a wide range of investors due to its significant market gains and energy-efficient mechanism, which is considered as being far more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin. A variety of factors will likely cause the price of Cardano to increase in 2022. Institutions are anticipated to start using Cardano shortly. If you are looking to invest in one of the most affordable cryptocurrencies, Cardano is what you should be looking for. 

  1. USD 

Since cryptocurrency became so volatile, we started seeing governments trying to enter the market to somewhat stabilize the fluctuations. One such way is by introducing stablecoins. A very common stable coin that many investors are buying currently is the USD coin. USD gets its value from the US dollar. Hence it makes the perfect stablecoin. 

  1. Dogecoin 

Something that started a meme coin has now garnered the attention of many people all over the globe. It is a complex coin system that runs on the proof of work system. Therefore, miners are required to solve and show complex arithmetical problems. Transactions with Dogecoin are quicker and less expensive than with Bitcoin.


By market capitalization, Bitcoin is currently the most valuable digital currency. Over the past year, it has experienced enormous price increases as well as sharp declines. To say that 2017 and 2018 have been significant years for digital currencies would be an understatement. 

The digital currencies exploded in value, interest, and number over the course of just a few months, only to see their prices fall again before leveling out. You can track the new digital currencies which are made available to investors, and also trade in them by using a secure trading platform. So, what makes you wait? Join the crypto boat now and reap the financial investment benefits in the future. 

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