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‘Workin’ Moms’ Star Catherine Reitman Can Make Fun of Her Lips — but No One Else!


Every time a brand new season of Workin’ Moms drops on Netflix, it is now no longer lengthy earlier than visitors take to the Internet to cyberbully lead actress Catherine Reitman for her lips.

“I’m attempting to observe Workin’ Moms however Catherine Reitman’s top lip is so atypical that it’s really stressful me,” one man or woman rudely wrote on Twitter, earlier than any other tweeted, “What the hell took place to Catherine Reitman’s pinnacle lip?? I’ve been attempting to observe Workin’ Moms however her lip is sincerely creeping me out.”

So, what is incorrect with Catherine Reitman’s lips?

While Catherine has made amusing of her very own lips at the Canadian series, she has by no means spoken out publicly approximately her pout or the web shaming she stories due to her top lip.

There are even rumors on-line that Catherine turned into the sufferer of a rogue plastic surgeon, and turned into really helped via way of means of Botched docs Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. However, this has by no means been confirmed.

Catherine Reitman’s fanatics guard her (and her lips) on social media constantly.

Catherine Reitman

The shaming in opposition to the actress is constant, so it’s miles no marvel that her fanatics come to her protection constantly — and love that she will snigger approximately rumors. “Catherine Reitman making amusing of her lips, in her very own rattling display is the equal of roasting your self approximately some thing you are touchy approximately earlier than your pals can,” one fan commented.

Another chimed in, “Catherine Reitman is f–king hilarious and does now no longer should be cyberbullied via way of means of those shallow a– individuals who say her lips are ruining the display. F–okay all you suggest a– h–s.”


Botched plastic surgical operation aside, Catherine did enjoy postpartum melancholy.

Catherine used her enjoy with postpartum melancholy to create Workin’ Moms and turned into decided to snigger thru the pain.

“By fleshing out my sadness, exposing the atypical and humorous angles to it, I started out to apprehend the ‘me’ that I turned into previous to having my son,” she wrote in an essay in Glamour magazine. “So I dedicated to retelling the postpartum scenes I had lived, however with one obtrusive change: I wrote myself as 4 distinctive characters who I knew might outgrow this period.”

She continued, “While I felt hopelessness, ‘Kate Foster’ might persevere. She should outwit her darkest moments whilst rocking a skirt match that screamed ‘I realize who I am!’ I should take a seat down in a pile of worry and tears at my computer, however the ladies I scribed have been barreling ahead and speakme their truths.”

Catherine, who’s married to Philip Sternberg, is the mother of sons — Jackson and Liam — and is the sister of director Jason Reitman, quality acknowledged for his movies Juno and Up withinside the Air.

Her father is famed director Ivan Reitman, who directed Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop, and produced classics which includes Space Jam and Animal House.

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NBD. We’ll be streaming Workin’ Moms on Netflix now.

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