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Windshield replacement: how much does it cost to have the car glass changed?


How much does it cost to replace the windshield, how it is done and who to contact for this intervention

Unfortunately, it happens that more or less conspicuous cracks appear on the windshield, micro-cracks in the front glass of the car that make the windshield extremely fragile and sensitive.

If once it was necessary to completely replace the front window, today there are innovative techniques that allow you to repair a broken or cracked windshield  for a rather modest economic expense.

Obviously the repair of car  windows is not always possible, sometimes, in fact it is necessary to completely replace the front glass. It all depends on some aspects related to the crack.


Windshield replacement: when it is needed

Despite the great care that each of us reserves (or should reserve!) To their car, including deep cleaning of the interior or the use of wax to bring out the bodywork , the safety of the car does not always depend on us. In fact, it is not unusual for trucks and other heavy vehicles to lose small pebbles on the road , bodies that are thrown at high speed can end up on the windshield of your car causing cracks and breaks, breakages that can also be caused by atmospheric agents, such as hail. . In the same way, these small debris can get stuck between the wheels of vehicles, detaching themselves while driving and hitting the cars in front.

This is quite a common occurrence, especially when traveling on the motorway or on a suburban road. While in many cases it is possible to simply repair the damage by contacting a specialized workshop, sometimes it becomes necessary to provide for a complete replacement of the windshield . To understand if this operation is essential, it is possible to take into consideration some aspects of the crack.

For example, if the damage is considerably extensive , with dimensions greater than 2-3 mm, then it may be advisable to change the front glass of the car. At the same time, a break near the edge is also dangerous, because it hits the windshield in a particularly sensitive point, causing a decrease in the strength of the glass.

In all these cases, leaving the crack in the windshield exposes passengers and the driver to a high risk. The weakened glass could break at any time, especially when exposed to temperature changes, humidity and extremely low temperatures, below freezing. Therefore it is important to replace the damaged windshield as soon as possible by taking the car to a specialized center and getting wholesale car windshields.


Windshield replacement: time and cost

While the repair of the front glass of the car is an inexpensive operation, with prices ranging from 80 to 120 €, the replacement of the windshield is a much more expensive intervention. On average, the prices for changing the windshield of the car can range from € 300 upwards , depending on the type of glass, the model of the car and the presence of particular characteristics such as darkening.

In some cases, the cost of replacing the windshield can reach up to € 1,000 , especially on the most exclusive top-of-the-range vehicles. On the other hand, for a small car, the cost of changing the front glass of the car is on average around € 400-500, depending on the workshop, the size of the windshield, the cost of labor and the glass frame.

As for the timing, however, the replacement of the windshield is a rather quick intervention, from 60 to 120 minutes based on the experience of the technicians and the methodology used. In a good quality center, it takes at least 60 minutes to prepare the car and remove the old windshield, while it takes about 30 minutes to fix the new glass and dry the glue.

Windshield replacement: who to contact

The replacement of the glass of the machine is a rather complex operation , which requires experience, specialized technicians and state-of-the-art equipment made specifically for this type of intervention. To ensure the integrity of the new windshield it is essential to carry out the work in a workmanlike manner, otherwise, in addition to the risk of a second breakage, you are exposed to possible economic damage due to a second replacement.

Fortunately, today there are highly specialized workshops, able to replace the windshield in a very short time guaranteeing the work performed from 12 to 48 months. The guarantee of the intervention is a crucial factor in understanding the seriousness of the workshop, a clear sign that the operation is carried out according to the safety standards required for this type of intervention.

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