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Window and Door Repairs – DIY or Call the Expert


You might not want to have to handle window and door repairs, Brisbane or where you are, but it happens to everyone. Things break, glass needs replacing, tracks need repairing and so on. While in general the best step to take is to hire an expert who can do the job properly and well and safely, there are some things you might do yourself with the right tools, and some knowledge in repairs and basic DIY.

What might you need

If you want to be able to handle some types of window repairs Brisbane yourself then you need to have the right tools. Things that can help with various jobs including glass replacement. You will need a chisel, glazing clips, sucking cups, putty, a glass cutter, push points, screwdrivers, a hummer and such. When you have these you are at a good starting point to be able to handle some things. You do not have to spend a crazy amount, some of the tools you already have will work for some of your needs.

Dealing with a broken window depends on the glass type

If the issue is a broken window then first of all you need to take care of all the broken glass. That might sound like something obvious to state but in fact, there are different glass types and the type you have should guide you on how to safely remove it when it breaks and how to deal with repairs. Windows might have simple common glass which is what you likely think of and is easy enough. But then there is insulated, tempered or annealed glass and they break differently. 

Annealed for example breaks more into shards with pointed ends that are long and radiate out from the point where the break in the glass happened. Tempered glass is not the same at all. It will break into many many small pieces. Then insulated glass comes with an inner and outer pane so usually, one pane will break, then the other. This means as well as how to approach the clean up you can then make sure you get the type of glass for the window replacement. Alternatively, you could call in a window repairs Brisbane expert to handle it for you. 

Using a window and door repairs Brisbane professional means you do not have to buy tools or learn new skills if it is not something you are comfortable with. They will know all the different types, have the tools and have the knowledge to deal with anything you might need. They can also help suggest what kind of upgrades you could make to your doors and windows to improve light, energy efficiency, sound proofing or any other concern you might have. Most places will come over and give you a quote for their installation services. You can then compare them and choose which meets your need.

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