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Will Nobara Kugisaki Die In Jujutsu Kaisen?


Nobara Kukisagi is a totally liked individual with the aid of using Jujutsu Kaisen fanatics due to her humorous and badass attitude.

She is likewise a individual with a plethora of capacity for individual improvement. Her lower back tale has additionally piqued all of ours curiosity.

However, for the duration of the Shibuya Incident arc, disaster struck Nobara.

In the latest chapters, she isn’t always seen both. It makes our perception more potent that some thing untoward has taken place – maximum probable her loss of life.

This concept leads us to the question:

Is Nobara dead?

Nobara Kugisaki

The easy solution is no, Nobara Kugisaki isn’t always dead. It has now no longer been confirmed, and we don’t assume she can be able to die simply yet.

In the Shibuya Incident arc, she engages in a ferocious combat with Mahito’s double. She manages to injure the double for the duration of the combat.

This sends the double effect to the authentic Mahito, combating Itadori Yuuji elsewhere.

He realizes that Nobara discovered his double’s incapacity to apply Idle Transfiguration.

Both of them take a danger to break out and transfer our bodies for 2 motives.

One, for Mahito to take benefit of Nobara being off-defend approximately his ability, and , killing her in the front of Yuuji to weigh down his soul.

Yuuji realizes the risk too past due, and Nobara finally ends up taking an assault on her face from Mahito.

She reminisces approximately her beyond with Saori and her Tokyo Jujutsu Tech buddies earlier than falling prey to Mahito’s ability.

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However, it isn’t always proven that she has died.

And considering the complexity of Jujutsu Kaisen, it’s far completely feasible that she isn’t always dead. Even Nitta, who healed her wounds, stated that Nobara’s possibilities of survival have been now no longer zero.

But, our hopes of seeing Nobara once more may have faded after bankruptcy one hundred forty four got here along.

Itadori reluctantly touched upon the hard subject matter of Nobara’s situation. Megumi and his verbal exchange poured bloodless water over our expectancies of seeing Nobara whenever soon.

Yet, we aren’t positive what the reality is. What should Megumi’s silence entail? We can don’t forget meanings of his silence.

Nobara is both honestly dead, or she is simply in a essential situation that she hasn’t woken up yet.

We truely, truely desire the latter opportunity is authentic due to the fact we don’t need her to die so soon! Well, we is probably residing in delusions, however we experience she won’t die yet.

Why we experience she won’t die:

We don’t assume Nobara has died. Instead, she can be able to probable be in a essential kingdom for some time and go back wearing an eyepatch. There are motives for this.

As said earlier than, Nobara is a well-appreciated individual with the aid of using the fandom. Akutami-sensei positive is ruthless approximately killing characters, however it’s far truely now no longer senseless killing.

The mangaka kills the characters handiest whilst their narrative capacity is exhausted, like Nanami.

His loss of life contributed to the constructing up of Mahito’s individual as a villain and breaking Yuuji’s resolve (first of all atleast). But Nobara’s loss of life will upload to as much as not anything significant.

It will as an alternative be a waste of an tremendous arc, and all of us realize Akutami-sensei is a whole lot higher than that. Add to that the reality that we haven’t visible her complete individual improvement yet.

She nonetheless has to reunite with Saori and Fumi. There is likewise a excessive opportunity that we can see Nobara come thru withinside the Culling Game.

Will Saori or Fumi be found out as gamers withinside the game? Who knows? At the very least, we will speculate that her reunion with Saori may arise withinside the subsequent her.

It may also be quite exciting to look Nobara, a person who takes pleasure in her appearance, come lower back with a scar on her lovely face.

Of course, there also are many different possibilities, however right here’s a idea we got here throughout this is quite psych.

An exciting idea approximately Nobara from Reddit

Nobara Kugisaki Die In Jujutsu Kaisen?

Reddit person Hounds_of_war mentioned some captivating factors of their idea (that you must test out). This segment is a TL;DR of the idea.

It is feasible that Nobara’s harm became honestly self-inflicted. She knew how Mahito’s cursed method labored as she even figures out the weak spot of Mahito’s double.

So, even though Yuuji became a touch past due in caution her and she or he became tormented by Idle Transfiguration, her exceptional guess became to forestall it from spreading to different frame parts.

The paneling round this segment is a piece distractive (with large empty spaces) as though concealing what Nobara is protecting in her hand.

We additionally realize that she has a very excessive potential to endure ache from her warfare towards Kechizu and Eso. In a second of clarity, she took that narrow danger that could even come to be killing her.

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It is likewise now no longer an out-of-the-field concept due to the fact Todo reduce off his hand to forestall Idle Transfiguration from spreading too.

Another factor to observe right here is that Nobara makes use of tremendous cursed electricity. We have visible that Shoko makes use of tremendous curse electricity to heal people.

This leads us to invest that Nobara may recognise her hidden capacity of the usage of cursed electricity to heal her eye.

In short, we don’t assume Nobara is dead. But she may come lower back with an unpleasant scar on her face, and perhaps even an eye fixed missing. What do you assume? Is Nobara dead? Let us realize!

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