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Which Institute Is Best for SAFe Scrum Master Certification in India?


The SAFe scrum master certification program is created with a vision to transform budding youths into professional scrum masters. Nowadays, many upcoming institutes are referred to as the ‘best institute for SAFe scrum master certification’. But we must ensure that we invest our time and money in the right path to develop our careers. So, many factors decide the quality of education provided by the institute such as experienced faculties, good study materials, individual attention, multiple practice sessions, and much more. 

Taking all these factors into consideration, there are a few institutions that do justice to their student’s career paths. One of the best SAFe scrum master certification training centres in India is theStar Agile forSAFe scrum master certification

Apart from many educational institutions, Star Agile has turned out to be preferred by many students for the following benefits it holds:

  1. In-depth knowledge:

Candidates enrolling in the course tend to gain in-depth knowledge about the scrum master roles and responsibilities and in creating an impact on society by catering to its needs with their service. Understanding their duty is the first step towards becoming a successful scrum master.

  1. Gaining experience:

This certification program allows the candidates to work on the role of scrum master with a team and with the organization. The knowledge gained from the program can be implemented in solving the real-time problems faced by society. This program makes our learning easier with case studies, role plays, etc.

  1. Expert faculties:

The certification program is trained by expert faculties across the world. Their expertise in the field of scrum master helps them to assist you with additional information about the field. Also, your doubts regarding the job role can be clarified by them.

  1. Practical knowledge:

Apart from learning the syllabus, this certification course provides you with practical knowledge by applying the skills developed from the course in solving real-time problems. This helps the students to learn in advance about their responsibility as scrum masters.

  1. One-year membership:

One of the greatest benefits of this course is the one-year membership. When you become a member of the community, you get access to the SAFe Community Platform. This is a starting platform that helps you to grow in your career.

  1.  Ratings:

On average 4.9-star rating is provided for SAFe scrum master certification by google, verified reviews, and Trustpilot. It is well-trusted by many people across the world. This educational institute has tie-ups with top companies that help the students in the recruitment process.

The above-mentioned benefits make Star Agile unique from other training institutions. SAFe Inc works hard to reduce the problems faced by the economy and serves as a domestic violence centre and homeless service provider. A scrum master must also know about his responsibilities and evolve as a professional who is much passionate about uplifting the world’s needs. So, they must ensure they get proper training by opting for a good quality training centre. They also provide online trining with practised tests and assignments. Assessment learning is a key factor that helps in the sound development of skills and knowledge of a student.

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