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Where Was ‘Intruder’ Filmed? Find Out The Shooting Locations Of This 2021 Thriller Show


The UK tv display Intruder premiered at the start of this month on April 5, 2021. The display has four episodes, all of which might be directed with the aid of using Gareth Tunley and is shot at coastal regions in addition to a few darkish caves. Read alongside and discover in which is the mystery mini-collection filmed.

Where became Intruder filmed?


According to, the display has been shot at diverse region in Ireland, which consist of North Dublin, North Wicklow and Galway. In a communique with Radio Times, Sally Lindsay shared that the climate which appears quite overcast withinside the display became honestly quite extraordinary for the region. She stated even though it is continually raining in Ireland, the display’s group became pretty lucky with the climate, whilst they shot there at some point of the months of October-November.

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She in addition introduced that the display doesn’t communicate approximately a specific time withinside the script, however positive doesn’t imply that it’s miles summer time season because the characters are frequently visible carrying coats and different heat outfits. She says that it became “Ireland at its best'”. The credit score collection of the display additionally advised that most of the scenes are shot at darkish, gloomy caves, whilst Silverstrand seashore at County Galway is likewise one of the filming locations.

In her communique with The Express, actor Elaine Cassidy who performs the position of Rebecca at the display, expressed that she became to start with a bit apprehensive approximately the concept of spending days filming withinside the caves. However, she ultimately realised that it became now no longer too terrible an experience. Cassidy referred to how she wasn’t searching ahead to the sequences that have been shot on the caves however later realised that the caves have been honestly hotter than outside.

More approximately the display Intruder

Where Was 'Intruder' Filmed?

The lately launched display explores the tale of Elaine Cassidy’s Rebecca and her husband Sam Hickey, performed with the aid of using Tom Heeten as their lives pass haywire after teens smash into their coastal abode. The display additionally stars Helen Behan, John Burke, Kriss Dosanjh, Seamus Moran and Adam Richardson gambling pivotal roles. It is directed with the aid of using Tunley, who co-wrote it with Mike Benson.

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