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What to Look for When Buying Big Bungalows in Kolkata


When searching for a 4-bedroom home in Kolkata, it will be advertised as 4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata. Sometimes, bedrooms may also be referred to as flats. They are also easy to find on the real estate market community currently as communities and developers are fueling the demand to have larger homes made to cater to luxury and sustainable expectations of families better. There are even options to buy a plot of land and develop later to promote new and affordable homeownership options!


The idea behind these big bungalows is allowing homeowners and families to have versatility as they grow. Needs change and sometimes newer appliances are desired to be installed throughout the home. Expect there to be plenty of room for indoor and outdoor renovations, such as contemporary amenity installation or getting custom landscaping options. Civic architecture is encouraged to display immense pride in community involvement and homeownership.

Take the chance to really be a part of the sustainability initiative that so many bungalow communities are currently involved in by harvesting rainwater or using groundwater recharges. See what neighbors are tied into the solar grid to make it feasible to be energy dependent! Also get recommendations for security systems. Within bungalow communities, longevity in homeownership and satisfaction is nearly guaranteed.


4 bhk bungalow in Kolkata are usually built within communities, which may even be gated. Nonetheless, expect a clubhouse or healthclub to be nearby that could have walking trails, jogging tracks, and squash and badminton courts. Communities not only want satisfied homeowner and families within their homes but also an interactive and supportive community outside of their homes!

Go site-seeing with family, friends, and neighbors with in-place exquisite natural antiquities, such as native flowers, sun decks, and water gardens thanks to the Green Building initiative! Being in a bungalow community is designed to be an escape to an oasis to enjoy and relax with loved ones. Or utilize the clubhouse or healthclub as a meeting or social space to act as a game room. Entertainment and a sense of belonging are never too far away from bungalow homeowners.

Long-term Prospects

Buy bungalows in Kolkata with 4 bedrooms will offer homeowners and families more space to consider installing a library or workspace or even having a playroom for the little ones. More space means more guests can enjoy and share the luxury of homeownership. Plenty of space are characteristic of these larger modern homes as nooks and crannies are embedded throughout.

Also, 4bhk bungalow in Kolkata are not too pricier than their 3-bedroom counterparts, comparatively. Sometimes, 4-bedrooms are more affordable since they are so high in demand. Get a bungalow in popular uprising areas of Ballgunge, EM Bypass, New Alipore, Park Street, or Phoolbagan-Belighata ranging from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet for as little as 2-8 CR per square foot! Plus, the resale value of 4-bedroom bungalows is expected to be more significant. Therefore, any homeowner can assume a great return-on-investment given the exclusive amenities and long-term prospects of owning a large and spacious bungalow today. 

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