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What to do if Your Restaurant Kitchen Hood is Not Working?


At 5 a.m., you’re preparing to open your restaurant for business. Your kitchen hood system won’t turn on as you get ready for the day. This means that you can’t run your company without a properly functioning ventilation system; if it isn’t, you’ll lose money for the day.

Avoid panicking at all costs! It’s likely to be a simple and fast remedy. Before contacting a kitchen hood cleaning, we recommend checking the following five items.

Things to check if your restaurant hood is not working

  • Is the hoods’ power switch plugged in? If you want to turn the lights on and off, you’ll find this switch near the hood lights.
  • Is there an issue with your electric company? Observe how many portions of the restaurant have no lighting at all. Please check to see whether the AC or heater is functioning. Are there any other appliances, such an electric oven, that are malfunctioning? If this is the case, contact your electricity provider. In order for the 3-phase motor to work, you may have what is called a phase loss.
  • Check the circuit breakers if you haven’t already. It’s possible that one or more circuit breakers have been turned off or have been tripped. To turn it back on, flick the switch. In order to tell whether a breaker has been tripped, the on/off handle must be in the midway position. Resetting the breaker is as simple as turning the breaker off and then back on. A faulty motor on your hood may be the cause of the breaker tripping repeatedly (i.e. going back to the middle position).
  • Are the motor starter overloads tripped? There is a metal access panel on the left or right side of the hood that houses the motor starter. You may inspect the starters by removing the access panel. Trip and reset buttons should be prominently shown on the starter. If the alarm goes off, press the reset button. A faulty hood motor is very certainly to blame, although it’s possible that a wiring issue is to blame if the starting trips again. Motor starters may be housed in a square metal container situated above the electrical panels. There should be a reset button on the lid of this sort of motor starter so that it may be reset by simply pressing the button.
  • What’s the status of the service switch on the restaurant’s roof? The service switch is normally positioned on a gray box with a flip open cover close to the vent hood roof top enclosure. Make sure it’s on if it’s not already.


What is the most common problems with restaurant exhaust and ventilation systems?

Excessive smoke and pollution from the kitchen is the most prevalent complaint about restaurant exhaust hoods. An exhaust fan that isn’t working properly is to blame.

Why my kitchen exhaust fan is not working?

You may need to replace the circuit board if your range hood fan doesn’t turn on or off. A faulty circuit board is almost often the culprit when the touch panel lights up and works at all speeds but the blower does not. It’s best to check the hood for melting components, black or burned regions, and broken parts to see whether it’s operating.

How important is kitchen exhaust fan in restaurant?

Airborne particles like dust and dirt may be removed from the kitchen by using kitchen exhaust fans. Your kitchen stove may produce harmful gases and ultrafine particles into the air, which circulate if not removed and can inadvertently harm anybody who is in the vicinity.

What is the difference between exhaust fan and ventilation fan?

An exhaust fan, in contrast to a ventilation fan, works to provide fresh air from the outside into a building’s interior, whilst the latter eliminates pollutants already present in the air.

Final thoughts:

Hiring restaurant hood cleaning professionals are the best method to keep your commercial kitchen functioning at peak efficiency all year round. To reduce downtime and enhance convenience, these maintenance service visits may be conducted at a time that is convenient for you. Customers and employees will appreciate you, and your kitchen will run smoothly even during the busiest lunch or supper periods.

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