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What Is Girldick?


Girldick is critical to trans femmes however rather tough to define

At first blush, the idea of “girldick” is contradictory. Men are person males. Males have dicks. So how should a dick be girlish?

Trans femmes generally reply in certainly considered one among ways:

Hormone alternative therapy (HRT) actually adjustments the bodily functions in their dicks, making them softer, greater female, higher smelling, etc., etc.

Trans ladies are ladies. If a trans lady has a dick it’s miles connected to her frame. Anything connected to her frame is consequently part of a lady’s frame. And consequently, if she has a dick, it’s miles a “girldick”.

But here’s wherein matters get messy. Some trans ladies are actually trans ladies however, thru happenstance, have now no longer began out HRT. Thus, on a molecular stage, their penises are much like the penises of your common man. So are their penises also “girldicks”?

It seems then that the term “girldick” is ambiguous among exclusive concepts. On the only hand it refers to the “female penis”. Such a penis may be exclusive from the “masculine penis” withinside the following ways:

Smells higher (much less musky)

Smaller (it regularly atrophies)

Change in coloration

Softer in texture (exclusive mouthfeel)

Often doesn’t ejaculate, or, if it does, the ejaculate is clear

More tough to obtain an erection (which could truely be painful)

Little to no spontaneous erections

Less aroused through visible stimuli

And consequently, the female penis post-HRT is honestly a girldick.


But what approximately the penises of trans ladies who both haven’t began out HRT, don’t need to begin HRT, or are not able to begin HRT for sensible or clinical reasons?

This contradiction calls for us to do certainly considered one among 3 matters: reject a physicalist metaphysical view wherein all ontological “objects” are absolutely defined at the atomic stage OR upload additional “layers” of fact to house the metaphysics of girldick OR bolster our physicalism with a “constructivist” role that asserts a few “objects” are projections of the human mind, wherein case the pre-HRT girldick is only “girly” insofar as it’s miles gave the impression to be girly.

Personally, I am drawn to the constructivist role.

There is every other wrinkle we want to cope with earlier than wrapping up our evaluation of girldick: a few trans femmes do now no longer consider their genitals as “dicks”. They opt to consider them as big clits.

From the attitude of developmental biology that is truely medically correct.

This is why it’s medically correct for medical examiners to mention Gender Confirmation Surgery for trans ladies honestly creates a vagina thru the inversion of the penis. It’s simply reversing organic mistake that passed off for the duration of fetal development.

Thus, for the trans ladies which have sturdy genital dysphoria, they do now no longer have “girldicks” — they simply have more big clits that want to be inverted and restored (confirmed) to their accurate anatomical configuration.

This more layer of complexity is every other blow in opposition to a strict physicalist ontology: a entire description of fact that satisfies all affordable people can not accept thru an outline of atomic structure: we want to feature in more “layers” of metaphysical fact to account for the 3 layers of girldick:

The female post-HRT penis

The pre-HRT girldick

The more-big clit

In conclusion, I desire this evaluation of girldick has proven the philosophical complexities of the trans female world.

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Full disclosure: this newsletter become stimulated through a latest ContraPoints video wherein she talks approximately The Feminine Penis in a hilarious manner.

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