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What is APAP? And how is it different than CPAP?


What is APAP? If you’ve been recognized with sleep apnea, APAP is a time period you could have come across. It might also additionally also be used to explain the remedy remedy you’ve been prescribed. But what does it mean?

An abbreviation of computerized effective airway stress, APAP is one of the 3 most important kinds of effective airway stress, or PAP remedy. Positive airway stress remedy is quite lots simply what it sounds like: a way of handing over stress (air) for your airway (your mouth, nostril and/or throat) that will help you breathe.

There are 3 most important styles of effective airway stress remedy:

Continuous effective airway stress (CPAP)

Automatic effective airway stress (APAP)

Bilevel, or variable effective airway stress (VPAP)

All of those styles of PAP remedy commonly take the shape of a system or device. In turn, that system is attached to a masks thru a tube, and the masks is worn via way of means of the sleep apnea affected person to supply the air generated via way of means of the system.

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How APAP is extraordinary than CPAP


What is APAP era in assessment to CPAP? While CPAP offers one non-stop stress degree of air, APAP mechanically adjusts to fulfill every precise person’s respiratory needs, which frequently alternate at some stage in the night time as we flow inside and out of various degrees of sleep.

How does the APAP system understand a way to make those computerized adjustments? By continuously measuring how lots resistance is found in your respiratory on a breath-via way of means of-breath degree, APAP era is aware of whether or not to lower stress whilst your higher airway is stable, and growth stress whilst it senses an airway event (together with an apnea, a hypopnea, waft issue or snoring).

Unlike a CPAP device, APAP machines most effective supply the quantity of stress that’s vital at any given moment. Physicians every now and then locate that sufferers with extra complicated sleep apnea situations (together with REM-associated apnea or positional apnea), or who genuinely can’t get used to traditional CPAP remedy, might also additionally enjoy higher consequences with APAP remedy.

Looking for an instance of an APAP system? ResMed’s AutoSet™ era — to be had withinside the AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™, AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her and AirMini™ AutoSet, for instance — changed into engineered to dynamically alter stress to offer most consolation for sleep apnea sufferers.

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