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What Happened To Geto Suguru In Jujutsu Kaisen?


A man or woman that intrigues maximum human beings in Jujutsu Kaisen is Geto Suguru. But what’s the name of the game that Geto is hiding approximately himself?

A man or woman that intrigues maximum human beings in Jujutsu Kaisen is Geto Suguru. He is a mysterious character who changed into a shaman in advance however was the chief of curses.

Aside from hating people for being weak, he additionally has meticulous plans of the use of the curses at his disposal to the grimy paintings for him.

Geto Suguru has a imaginative and prescient of putting off all people to realise the age of jujutsu sorcerers.

However, the current chapters show off a completely extraordinary route of this “Geto Suguru.” This character well-knownshows that Geto Suguru’s frame is possessed through a mysterious mind.

This method that now no longer all of his plans went as expected, and he died lots in advance. When did this happen, and how?

What took place to the actual Geto Suguru?

Jujutsu Kaisen

In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Gojo Satoru kills Geto Suguru after he attacked the Tokyo Jujutsu Tech school. However, Gojo asks Shoko Iori to now no longer dispose off Geto’s frame, which enabled the suspicious mind to take over.

So what went right all the way down to make matters so bleak?

To convey his intention of killing all people besides jujutsu sorcerers, Geto Suguru desired a unique grade cursed spirit on his side. This cursed spirit changed into Rika Orimoto.

To get her, he determined to kill Okkotsu Yuuta. By killing the grasp, he ought to ingest Rika and manage her as desired.

After his formidable statement of conflict, he effectively remoted Okkotsu. Even aleven though he confronted some “minor setbacks” withinside the shape of Panda, Inumaki, and Maki combating him, he speedy defeated them.

The relentless assaults rendered them not able to resist. Seeing the plight of his friends, Okkotsu referred to as Rika forth in her authentic shape to combat Geto.

Geto Suguru changed into extraordinarily certain that he ought to kill Okkotsu. However, he had gravely underestimated Okkotsu’s willpower and increase over his time withinside the school.

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He had discovered to combat the use of Rika and her cursed energy.

Geto escapes this combat slightly clinging directly to his life. However, Gojo finally ends up locating him in an alleyway. Despite his seen hesitation and the beyond shared with Geto Suguru, Gojo kills him.

If Shoko had disposed of Geto’s frame as according to procedure, then the mind in all likelihood couldn’t have taken manage of Geto. However, evidently some thing (in all likelihood his dating with Geto) made Gojo suppose otherwise.

And so, right here we are!!

But then why did Gojo come so late, in which changed into he all of the at the same time as? What changed into the “conflict” declared through Geto?

What is the Parade of a Hundred Demons In Jujutsu Kaisen?

He announces that at sunset on December 24th, he’ll perform the Parade of a Hundred Demons. A thousand cursed spirits may be launched at locations: Shinjuku and Kyoto.

He will problem them orders to bloodbath some thing and the whole lot of their way.

However, this statement leaves Gojo, and the others confused. He may have over 2000 curses together along with his forces, however all of them, grade 2 or lower. This could suggest a conflict that Geto couldn’t win at all.

Geto’s grasp plan changed into to distract Gojo and the opposite jujutsu officers at the same time as wearing out his actual method of setting apart Okkotsu. For this, he made use of the shamans’ largest weakness: their obligation to defend people.

Of course, it all changed into a bluff. Geto knew that the possibility of triumphing this conflict changed into 30% at maximum. Only one opportunity ought to shoot up the probabilities to 99%: killing Okkotsu and consuming Rika.

So, at the same time as the others had been getting ready for a conflict with the curses, Geto organized for an entire extraordinary battle.

The most effective combat on the real area changed into some Geto’s fans shopping for time. Once Ijichi and Gojo realise that some thing completely extraordinary goes on, Gojo sends Panda and Inumaki to assist Yuuta.

This “assist” changed into sincerely a undertaking to Okkotsu in disguise. Gojo knew Panda and Inumaki couldn’t defeat Geto however could draw out Okkotsu’s potential.

Gojo looks after the scenario to hand earlier than speeding to kill Geto.


What Happened To Geto Suguru In Jujutsu Kaisen?

At the quit of the prequel arc, Geto is killed through Gojo. His frame isn’t always disposed off for a few unknown reason, which ends up in a Brain taking over.

The actual Geto died lengthy in the past earlier than the cutting-edge activities in Jujutsu Kaisen. Brain, or the impostor, most effective used Geto’s abilties and know-how to realise his very own aims of a perfect society.

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What did you consider Geto’s plan? Was it near a grasp stroke? Let me know.

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