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Virgin River season 4: release date, plot and trailer for Netflix drama


The small-city romantic drama is again for season four subsequent week!

The fourth season of Virgin River landed on Netflix in advance this month to the pleasure of subscribers – and it hooked in visitors throughout the globe.

The new season dives immediately again into Mel’s being pregnant drama, in addition to what came about to Brady, who become despatched to prison for taking pictures Jack however will be innocent, in addition to to Hope, who is again at the scene withinside the modern-day run.

Fans can relaxation confident that Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson are again because the much-loved, principal couple of the collection, Mel and Jack, even as more than a few of latest faces additionally arrive to shake matters up withinside the modern-day instalment.

Fortunately, for fanatics who’ve already binged the whole lot of season four, Virgin River season five has been green-lit so we already recognise there are greater episodes at the horizon.

“[With] the whole lot that is been occurring withinside the world, human beings greater and greater [are] searching for, now no longer simply that comfort, however additionally that feeling of wish and that feeling of community,” Jinny Howe, Netflix’s VP of authentic collection, informed USA Today of the season five renewal.

But withinside the meantime, study on for all of the modern-day information round Virgin River season four, which include forged announcements, plot exhibits and trailers.

Virgin River season four launch date

Virgin River arrived on Netflix on Wednesday twentieth July.

Filming occurred closing 12 months, with Martin Henderson – who performs Jack at the display – revealing on Instagram that he become “performing some post-manufacturing paintings” on season four in November 2021.

Netflix showed the drama had commissioned the romantic drama for a fourth run again in May, giving fanatics a primary examine the imminent episodes.

Meanwhile, the streamer has additionally renewed the display for a 5th season, with Netflix’s Vice President of Original Series, Jinny Howe, telling USA Today: “[With] the whole lot that is been occurring withinside the world, human beings greater and greater [are] searching for, now no longer simply that comfort, however additionally that feeling of wish and that feeling of community.

“All of that absolutely got here collectively in a manner that become absolutely organic, and I suppose this become greater of a evidence factor that that is a absolutely essential vicinity of programming for us.”

And now no longer handiest that, however the legitimate Virgin River account on Instagram shared a behind-the-scenes photograph of the forged collectively on a video name for a desk study for season five, confirming that the season is now in manufacturing.

How many episodes are there in Virgin River season four?

Virgin River season 4

The new season of Virgin River includes 12 hour-lengthy episodes.

All 12 episodes landed at the streamer without delay again in July 2022.

Who stars in Virgin River season four?

It would not be Virgin River if Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson failed to go back as midwife Mel Monroe and bar proprietor Jack Sheridan so that you can count on to look them in a fourth season, even as you could count on Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine Roberts), Tim Matheson (Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins), Benjamin Hollingsworth (Dan Brady), Grayson Gurnsey (Ricky) and Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) to reprise their roles in any other season.

Annette O’Toole, who performs Hope in Virgin River, become fantastically much less found in season 3, with the man or woman traveling an aged relative in any other state, getting caught there because of a typhoon and handiest performing through Zoom. The display’s writer Sue Tenney found out that Hope’s absence become right all the way down to O’Toole being not able to movie on set due the pandemic, but a consultant for O’Toole informed closing 12 months that she could be again on display for season 4.

Netflix has even launched first-appearance snap shots of the season displaying Doc (Tim Matheson) and Hope reunited as soon as once more.

As for brand new characters, Reign’s Mark Ghanimé has joined the display because the city’s modern-day physician Cameron Hayek, who’s predicted to complicate the romantic scenario for pregnant Mel. Meanwhile, Motherland: Fort Salem big name Kai Bradbury, who become added as Doc’s lengthy-misplaced grandson Denny Cutler, turns into a sequence regular.

“He indicates up in Virgin River to forge a reference to the grandfather he simply currently found out approximately,” Virgin River teases. “But Denny comes bearing a darkish secret.”

Unfortunately, Lynda Boyd may not be returning to Virgin River for season 4 as her man or woman Lilly dies in the direction of the give up of season 3 after being identified with past due-level pancreatic cancer. However, Boyd formerly found out to that manufacturers are making plans to carry Lilly again in flashbacks.

“When I did have that chat that day with the ones manufacturers, they stated that the plan become to carry me again in flashbacks – like Mel’s husband, her useless husband.”

As for assisting characters, we’re going to additionally be seeing greater of Jack’s sister Brie (Zibby Allen) and Preacher’s love hobby Julia (performed through his real-existence spouse Lucia Walters). Meanwhile, with a bit of luck Lilly’s daughter Tara (Stacey Farber) stops through Virgin River once more and we might love to look Nicola Cavendish (Connie), Teryl Rothery (Muriel) and Lexa Doig (Paige Lassiter) go back for season 4.

Virgin River season four trailer

Netflix launched a trailer for Virgin River season four in early July, teasing Mel’s catch 22 situation over whether or not to check the infant’s paternity in addition to the creation of the city’s new physician – Cameron Hayek (Mark Ghanimé).

Jack tells Mel: “If we discover that [Mel’s late husband] Mark is the daddy, it can alternate the manner I experience approximately our infant.”

In truth, if the infant is Mark’s, it appears as aleven though Mel may want to have a prison warfare on her hands, together along with his sister telling Mel that their mom employed a legal professional to take custody of the 2 embryos she had frozen while Mark become nevertheless alive.

Meanwhile, season four may additionally redeem Brady, who become despatched to prison for taking pictures Jack on the give up of season three however will be innocent, as Preacher reveals pictures that works in his favour.

“I want you to look some thing the PI despatched,” Preacher says earlier than Jack adds: “Brady failed to shoot me. We’ve were given to get him out of there.”

Virgin River season four plot

WARNING: Spoilers beforehand for Virgin River season three

Ahead of the brand new collection, Netflix has launched a synopsis, with Mel and Jack set to battle with the uncertainty of her being pregnant information – but, Mel is deciding on to be glad about sooner or later turning into a mom.

“But matters get complex whilst a good-looking physician actions to city — one who’s seeking to begin a own circle of relatives of his very own,” the streamer teases.

Meanwhile, Hope is recuperation from the automobile coincidence she determined herself in in the direction of the give up of season three and is struggling with mental trauma.

However, Sue Tenney – the display’s showrunner – did inform TVLine that there will be a “very lovely, lengthy episodes” approximately Doc and Hope’s vow renewal withinside the new season so it is now no longer all doom and gloom.

“When we get to that factor, that is a re-dedication ceremony, we surely are going to need to look that,” she introduced. “But we’ve a few drama occurring with each of these characters that places that at the again-burner, however additionally heightens their dedication to at least one any other.”

As for Brie, Netflix says she’s “purpose on proving the innocence of the person she loves” and reveals herself in a more in-depth courting with Jack’s detective pal Mike and “one step toward Calvin’s violent crook web”.

“Even as Preacher forges a brand new romantic connection, he can’t assist however maintain out wish for being reunited with Christopher and Paige,” Netflix adds.

At the give up of season three, Brady is arrested for allegedly taking pictures Jack in his bar, however judging through the trailer, it is now no longer an open-and-close case.

In the clip, Preacher is going to Jack with a video despatched through a personal detective, proving that Brady – who become despatched to prison – could not have shot him, telling him: “We’ve were given to get him out of there.”

Martin Henderson informed Entertainment Weekly closing 12 months that he now is aware of who shot Jack. “And the truth that I recognise makes me experience just like the target target market goes to discover.”

He introduced: “They toyed with the concept of disclosing that during season three. There have been drafts wherein we have been going to honestly get a touch greater information, and you will discover greater out. But for a group of reasons, they determined to increase that. So that may be dragged out a touch bit.

“It might be unfair to the target target market to now no longer have that result. That might experience a touch cheesy to thread them alongside after which maintain it a mystery. There needs to be resolution, and obviously, it in addition complicates his courting with Brady and it is going to be exceptional to look a number of that stuff resolved with a bit of luck too, and perhaps heal going forward.”

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Fingers crossed he is proper and we do discover subsequent season!

Season four is likewise possibly to choose up after the big twist withinside the season 3 finale, which noticed Jack advise to Mel and Mel screen that she’s pregnant earlier than including that she’s now no longer a hundred consistent with cent positive if the daddy is Jack or her past due husband Mark (Daniel Gillies).

A couple of episodes earlier than, we noticed Jack cut up with Mel after the pair determined that they desired distinctive matters, and so we are able to anticipate that Mel headed to the IVF clinic, the usage of frozen embryos she saved away whilst her husband Mark become alive. In the subsequent collection, we are possibly to look at the fallout of this bombshell information and in the end discover who the infant’s father absolutely is.

In truth, whilst currently requested approximately the paternity of Mel’s infant, Tenney informed TVLine: “You’ll discover through the give up of the fourth season.”

Teasing the occasions of season four, Henderson found out to Entertainment Weekly that it will be “a difficult tablet to swallow” for Jack and hinted that he might not need to marry Mel after all. “I do not know precisely how he is going to experience approximately it. There’s a few different unanswered questions that must be figured out.”

As for Mel’s factor of view, Alexandra Breckenridge currently informed TVLine that even as she become sceptical of the tale line at first, she got here round to it. “It ties itself collectively, and it makes greater feel to me on the give up.

“While I become going via it, I become like, ‘What is Mel doing? This is a loopy component to do!’ That is going to reveal that, as an actor, you need to believe withinside the technique and withinside the writers to take you at the journey. That become what I found out.”

Of course, there may be additionally the problem of Jack and Charmaine’s twins after Charmaine found out that she’ll try and win complete custody of them whilst they are born. This prison dispute will pave the manner for Brie to have a larger function withinside the collection, in keeping with Tenney who stated: “We will utilise the truth that Brie is an lawyer withinside the display going forward.”

Henderson has additionally found out that the custody warfare over the twins and the chance of being the daddy to Mel’s unborn infant is because of take a toll on Jack’s intellectual health.

“He’s suffering with demons, and there may be grief there and numerous it is unexamined. He has this caretaker impact wherein he appears like it is his duty to attend to all people withinside the city that wishes it,” he stated. “He is going out of his manner and, and despite the fact that that is a pleasant high quality attribute, it is also probably a compensatory one wherein he is additionally nursing a number of his very own wounds and regrets and guilt, you recognise, and I suppose, I suppose that is surely at play. And, if we’re fortunate sufficient to get greater seasons, it is going to be exceptional to discover that factor of the characters psyche.”

Let’s now no longer overlook approximately Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey) and Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale), who broke up on the give up of season 3 after Ricky determined to enlist withinside the marines with out telling Lizzie.

On whether or not the 2 young adults may want to reunite, Gurnsey informed TVLine: “I do wish they get again collectively, however on mutual phrases wherein she has forgiven him and he has found out his lesson — now no longer out of disgrace or guilt, however out of a true apprehend of her feelings.

“That become Ricky’s entire hassle this season. He understood that he messed up, however he might in no way absolutely take it to heart. That’s what he wishes to analyze if he desires to get again collectively with her — he wishes to apprehend her feelings.”

That being stated, he introduced that even as Ricky and Lizzie’s love is true, it is also “pup love”.

“When it’s your first love, you won’t always love that man or woman for the proper reasons, however you could nevertheless analyze some thing very precious and turn out to be a higher man or woman from that courting.”

There’s additionally Hope to fear approximately, who become hospitalised with a disturbing mind damage after entering into a automobile coincidence withinside the season 3 finale. Not to fear – Sue Tenney has teased the plot for a fourth season, saying: “We do circulate beforehand.

“To us, it is the healing and what she’s dealing with – a disturbing mind damage,” she informed Entertainment Weekly. “In a sanatorium and going via healing, that is now no longer absolutely wherein our display lives. But we are very devoted to what the fact of some thing is, so we’re going to visit the brink of what is the great healing for this.

“We continually stay with the parameters, medically, however additionally we recognise at this factor what we adore to do, which might be complex emotionally drama-primarily based totally stories.”

Of course, Lilly (Lynda Boyd) died in season 3 of Virgin River, but the display’s writer Sue Tenney has found out that her loss of life will retain to have an effect on relationships in season 4.

“It’s a loss of life that impacts every person, and it’s going to retain to have an effect on every person in [a potential fourth] season,” she informed TV Line. “That’s absolutely special, to have one man or woman that leaves an enduring imprint at the target target market and at the characters at massive in our display. Her loss of life additionally to carry Jack and Mel again collectively. The loss of life of Lilly, as deaths do, allows them hyper awareness at the essential stuff in existence and eliminate the B.S.”

How many seasons of Virgin River will there be?

Virgin River is surely returning for a fourth and 5th season, with Netflix renewing the display for 2 greater again in May.

With loads to discover in destiny collection – from Hope’s mind damage to the paternity of Mel’s child – we’re going to with a bit of luck see a pair greater seasons of Virgin River, specifically for the reason that there are 22 books in Robyn Carr’s novel collection to paintings with.

Virgin River seasons 1-four are to be had to circulation on Netflix. Check out our lists of the great collection on Netflix and the great films on Netflix – or see what else is on with our TV Guide. Visit our Drama hub for all of the modern-day information.

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