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vietnamese B2B startup KiotViet raises $45M from KKR jungle ventures



A investment round headed by KKR and Jungle Ventures netted $45 million for the Vietnamese B2B business KiotViet. For KiotViet, which offers cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) and inventory management systems for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Vietnam, this investment represents a crucial turning point.

The most recent fundraising round for KiotViet is also interesting since it coincides with rising interest in Southeast Asian businesses, especially those with a finance and e-commerce focus. In this post, we will examine KiotViet in greater detail, including its recent investment round, expansion strategies, and prospects for success.

Fundraising Information

The most recent fundraising round for KiotViet was headed by KKR and Jungle Ventures, with participation from previous backers like the Vietnamese company Openspace Ventures and the Indonesian company Mandiri Capital. One of the largest funding rounds for a Vietnamese startup to date, the $45 million investment raises KiotViet’s total capital to over $60 million.

Nguyen Hu Tut, co-founder and CEO of KiotViet, said the money will be put to use to grow the company’s customer base, product line, and international development aspirations. Over 80,000 SMBs are presently using KiotViet in Vietnam, and the company wants to expand to other Southeast Asian nations.

Increasing investor interest in Vietnam’s technology startup sector, which has seen tremendous expansion in recent years, is another factor that the fundraising round underscores.

 last few years. Startups like KiotViet are well-positioned to profit from the rising demand for digital solutions among SMBs as the country’s middle class continues to increase and digital adoption rates rise.

Business Profile


KiotViet was established in 2014 to offer SMBs in Vietnam cloud-based POS and inventory management solutions. The company’s products are made to assist SMBs in streamlining their processes, increasing overall efficiency, and delivering real-time insights into the performance of their businesses.

A mobile-friendly POS system, as well as several analytics and inventory management solutions, are among the offerings from KiotViet. A variety of value-added services are also provided by the business, including payment processing and customer relationship management (CRM) programmes.

The majority of the SMBs in Vietnam, which account for a sizable share of the economy of the nation, are KiotViet’s target market. In Vietnam, SMBs make up more than 98% of all businesses and employ more than one million people, according to a survey by the International Finance Corporation.

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Future Plans

The most recent round of funding for KiotViet will allow the business to grow its product line and penetrate new Southeast Asian markets. The business is aiming to further grow into other nations in the area, including Thailand and the Philippines, and has already started to do so in Indonesia.

KiotViet intends to continue improving its current products and services in addition to expanding internationally. The company is currently developing new features and integrations that will enhance the functionality and usability of its solutions for SMBs.

In Vietnam’s competitive startup ecosystem for technology, KiotViet also wants to strengthen its position. The business has already had a lot of success in the nation, but it will now have to contend with increasing local and foreign competition.KiotViet can stay ahead of the curve and hold its market position by constantly innovating and enhancing its offerings.


The current investment round for KiotViet, a Vietnamese B2B firm that has already experienced exceptional growth and success in its native market, is an important milestone. KiotViet can keep growing its product line and open up new markets in Southeast Asia with the help of investors like KKR and Jungle Ventures.

While both domestic and foreign firms are increasing the rivalry KiotViet faces, the company’s emphasis on innovation and customer service can help it preserve its market position. KiotViet is well-positioned to profit from this trend and experience even greater success in the future as SMBs in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations continue to adopt digital solutions.

The new investment round for KiotViet is proof of the company’s success and potential for expansion, to sum up. KiotViet has positioned itself as a pioneer in the region’s technology startup ecosystem by offering cutting-edge and simple-to-use solutions for SMBs in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian nations.

KiotViet can continue to grow its offerings and attract new clients with the help of investors like KKR and Jungle Ventures. Although the path ahead may be difficult, KiotViet’s emphasis on innovation, customer satisfaction, and market expansion make it a bright contender in Southeast Asia’s fast changing digital scene.

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