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Twitch star Alinity reveals how OnlyFans convinced her to join their platform


Twitch sensation Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon has taken the streaming and OnlyFans global with the aid of using storm, however it seems she wanted a few convincing to sign up for the debatable platform.

Alinity is one of the maximum famous streamers on Twitch, boasting over 1.five million fans at the webweb page and plenty of extra on her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.

The Colombian-Canadian’s upward thrust to reputation didn’t come with out a few drama, though, because the 34-year-antique has had a few feuds with PewDiePie, Ninja, or even worried animal rights activists after her notorious cat-throwing scandal.


Despite the few drawbacks, however, Alinity has grow to be extraordinarily a success and rich in big element because of her OnlyFans presence – which, because it seems, wasn’t even her concept to start.

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Alinity says OnlyFans reached out to her to make content material

In an interview with Mel Magazine, the streamer found out that she were in talks with OnlyFans directly, and the platform desired her to sign up for them.

“OnlyFans [had been reaching] out to me for a while,” she stated. “After listening to how lots they notion I might be making, I found out it become too true of an possibility to pass.”

They had been proper. While Alinity hasn’t disclosed how lots she has made, lower back in 2021, she found out to Mizkif that she made extra in months on OnlyFans than she could make in 10 years on Twitch.

Her fanatics are inclined to fork over large dollars for content material too, particularly whilst it’s some thing extraordinarily specific. For instance, she stated that a “very complex burping video” earned her $50,000, together along with her visitors paying $one hundred simply to observe it.

Alinity says OnlyFans reached out to her to make content material

Clearly, OnlyFans become proper approximately how lots cash the Twitch supermegacelebrity become lacking out on, and it’s wild to assume what her financial institution account looks as if twelve months after making her account.

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