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Transform Yourself into a Carrom Pro with these 5 Tips and Tricks


Carrom is one of the oldest board games in the world and chances are that you have played it in the past. Gathering your friends or family members for a few friendly games of carrom had to be one of your favorite pastimes growing up. With people leading busy lives now, that seems like a distant possibility.

However, thanks to technology, you can access carrom on the Internet and bring together your friends and family to play; if not then you can battle strangers at any time and from any part of the world. When it comes to skills needed to master the game of online carrom, you require gumption and speed because of the ticking clock.

Also, it is not overtly a different experience as compared to the actual board game since the basic rules are more or less the same. You get the much necessary assistance with regards to angles to hit the perfect shot, but with the clock ticking, it is a challenge to make that shot in the allotted time.

There are several tips that you can follow to transform yourself into a carrom pro, although it will require some practice.

Let us look at some tips and tricks –

Practice is Key

The importance of practice cannot be underestimated in online carrom. Many variants of this board game exist online, which makes it important for you to get a hang of the rules, as they can vary from source to source. Note that these amendments are only for entertainment purposes.

When you have located the source that you wish to play with, participate in their free rooms before taking part in cash games. It is the perfect opportunity to practice since you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Practice as many games as you can, but make sure that you keep devising new strategies to tackle new challenges.

Think on Your Feet

Unlike traditional carrom, online carrom has a time limit to play the shot. If you cannot make a shot in the allotted time, you relinquish that chance. With time not as your friend, it becomes pivotal to think on your feet; plan the next set of pieces that you want to pocket while your opponent is playing their chance. This way, you will not find yourself lost when it is your time to make the shot, and you can go on with your business, even winning the round while at it.

Pocket Coin/s while Breaking

Breaking is not necessarily seen as an advantage by many players since the coins are not always positioned favorably.

Regardless, when it is your chance to break, you should try your best to pocket at least one coin so that you get the striker back. There are various techniques that guarantee pocketing of coins when executed properly. This is where practicing carrom board game online plays its part because you can try a number of tricks that can help you pocket the first coin.

Fouls Can Be Catastrophic

Fouls come in different forms in online carrom and committing any of these can result in you losing the game. Pocketing your opponent’s coin, pocketing your own striker, pocketing the cover before the queen, etc. are some of the errors that you should avoid. Fouls have penalties and in a game like carrom, they can mean heavy consequences.

Familiarise Yourself with Trick Shots

Trick shots are a great way to make the already fun game of online carrom exciting. Some of these shots are easy to pull off, whereas the others require more practice to master.

Double shot, centre cut, back shot, thumb shot, etc. are some of the trick shots that can make you look like a professional. Though they can be hard, trick shots are extremely rewarding because they pull you out of the tough spots.

While trying trick shots, you need to be in the right headspace, as the element of risk is high.


Remember, you cannot become a professional overnight at online carrom. The more you practice, the more expertise you gain.

Know the value of the game pieces and set your priorities accordingly; never pocket a coin that the situation does not require you to. Take advantage of the free game rooms, as this is where you will develop new tricks that can help you to trump opponents in cash-heavy com

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