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Trading Advantages of RoboForex Forex Broker


Trading with RoboForex forex broker is a good choice for those who want to avoid risky trading. Their services are based on Tier 1 banks, which is a sign of financial strength and stability. Their funds processing is secure and safe, and they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), an international authority. However, the risks associated with trading financial assets are always present, and losses can happen.

High-leverage trading

RoboForex is a forex broker with millions of registered users. They’ve been in business for over a decade. However, not all forex brokers are as legitimate as RoboForex. Be wary of fake brokers that advertise high leverage and then execute trades opposite of yours. These are probably bucket shops looking to take advantage of you. You should also avoid brokers that won’t let you trade directly.

A reliable high leverage broker will have a range of leverage options available. Some offer leverage as high as 1:2000. A few offer leverage between 1:2000 and 1:500. While the latter is quite high, traders should use it responsibly and carefully. They should also write down their reasons for every trade and compare them with the trade parameters. The trade parameters should be determined by testing the strategy on a demo account before using it on a real account.

RoboForex is a very well managed forex broker and offers a wide range of products and services. Their website features a FAQ section, and they have live support in 15 languages. RoboForex also offers a demo account. Traders can also make use of their zero-pip valuations and ECN funding methods.

Leverage is important for traders, because it gives them more money to invest. It’s a very powerful tool for smaller accounts. The leverage of a forex broker can allow an investor to open a position for a fraction of his or her actual account balance. This means that a trader can use $10 to open a position worth $1,000. However, it depends on the trading regulations of each broker.

While using high-leverage forex broker has many benefits, it is important to remember that it’s still better to stick to lower leverage ratios to get a feel of the market. This way, beginners can copy the actions of other investors. This is a great way to learn more about the forex market, and it allows traders to try different trading strategies. However, it’s not recommended to use more than 1:100 of leverage as a beginner.

Low commissions

When compared to other forex brokers, RoboForex offers low commissions and low account maintenance fees. Their fees vary depending on account type and are lower than average for most asset classes, though they are higher for indices. RoboForex also does not charge a maintenance fee for dormant accounts. In addition, they do not charge any commissions on deposits or withdrawals.

The company offers four types of accounts. The ECN account requires a minimum deposit of $10, while the other two require a minimum of 100 USD. The Prime Account is available with maximum leverage of 1300. The R StocksTrader requires a minimum deposit of 100 USD.

RoboForex also offers a profit share bonus, which is available on all traditional MT4 and MT5 accounts. It also offers low commissions on ECN-PRO NDD accounts. The commission is just $20 for every million USD of turnover. In addition to low commissions, RoboForex offers the most favorable trading conditions for scalping. If you’re interested in starting a trading career with a forex broker, consider a demo account first.

RoboForex offers professional customer support. Its customer service team responds to questions via live chat, email, and social media. The brokerage also offers a web form where you can request a callback from a live representative. The support staff speaks 12 languages and is available round-the-clock.

Traders looking for a low-cost forex broker will love RoboForex’s low commissions and diverse selection of assets. The R StocksTrader account, for instance, includes over 3,000 stocks listed on NASDAQ and the NYSE. RoboForex also offers ECN accounts, which enable real-time trading.

Variety of accounts

If you are a new trader and are wondering how to start trading, RoboForex offers several types of accounts for you to choose from. A prime account can cost as little as 100 USD and is suitable for beginners. You can also use the R StocksTrader account, which offers more than 3000 CFD shares and real stocks. RoboForex also offers unlimited demo accounts. These are ideal for testing expert advisors and mimic trading conditions that are close to a live account.

RoboForex is a member of the Financial Commission, which helps protect clients’ money. Its website and customer support are available in 19 languages, which means you can trade in your preferred language. There are also several tiers of accounts, ranging from Pro/ProCent accounts to Prime accounts. All of these accounts have a minimum deposit of $10, and the broker charges no commissions or fees.

RoboForex is a good forex broker for newcomers and advanced traders alike. Its comprehensive educational materials, high-quality trading platforms, and competitive trading fees are just a few of the benefits of trading with this broker. RoboForex is also a global brand and has won numerous awards.

RoboForex offers 5 different types of accounts. The minimum deposit is only $10/EUR, but there are also several options for higher deposits and withdrawals. Most transactions are processed the same day, but some can take up to three business days. You can use multiple payment methods to fund your account, including credit cards and wire transfers. RoboForex also allows you to make free withdrawals twice a month.

There is no limit on the number of traders you can connect with. RoboForex offers Prime accounts with extraordinary conditions. Prime accounts include low spreads, increased leverage, and no minimum deposit. This offer is available until 2022. RoboForex also offers transparent information about the financial instruments it offers. The broker collects the necessary data in a table called “Contract specifications.” The table includes the names of the financial instruments as well as their trading conditions.

Multi-asset trading

RoboForex is a forex broker that offers a variety of different assets to traders. The RoboForex platform has over nine thousand different assets to trade, including forex, stocks, soft commodities, ETFs, metals, and more. The platform is available in more than 169 countries and 19 languages, making it a versatile choice for traders of all levels. The RoboForex platform also supports automated trading, making it convenient for traders of all experience levels.

RoboForex offers a variety of trading tools, including free technical indicator signals based on a variety of different indicators. This includes a markets sentiment chart and various length moving averages. Clients can also take advantage of an analytical feed, which provides commercial news, weekly market forecasts, and a general market overview. They can even write covered call options to benefit from market swings.

In addition to offering a range of currency pairs, RoboForex offers CFDs on indices, U.S. stocks, oil, and metals. RoboForex’s prime account provides advanced traders with access to more than 12,000 assets. Traders can choose which account type is most suitable for them. RoboForex offers a deposit protection of up to EUR 20,000 per client. Furthermore, its VIP service offers high-leverage trading opportunities, as well as lucrative cashback offers. It also offers a free VPS server to traders.

RoboForex is a multi-asset forex broker with a reputation for being one of the most convenient ways to trade online. They offer a wide range of trading aides including the cTrader platform, the Pro-Cent live account, and the RAMM live account. The RoboForex platform is built on a secure SSL encryption system, and features dual-factor authentication. Traders can also secure their transactions with SMS confirmation codes. Furthermore, RoboForex’s bonus programs have anti-fraud systems in place.

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