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TikTok Users Are Protesting Convicted Killer’s Innocence Because ‘He’s Too Cute’


A21-year-vintage guy has end up the modern convicted crook that net customers had been pining for—each him and his release.

In April, Cameron Herrin become sentenced to 24 years in jail after pleading responsible to vehicular homicide. Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and her 21-month-vintage daughter Lillia have been struck via way of means of Herrin’s automobile in 2018 even as lawfully crossing a street in Tampa Bay.

Herrin become pronounced to be riding 102 miles consistent with hour even as racing with every other automobile on the time.

Herrin’s account has won over million fans on TikTok, wherein fanatics have for the reason that been each claiming his innocence and pining over him.

TikTok Users

The app hosts video edits of Herrin listening to his sentencing in gradual motion, that have won a collective billion views, along side remarks advocating for his innocence. While others surely noted his obvious attractiveness: “He does not deserve that, he is too cute,” wrote one user.

It’s now no longer the primary time the app has targeted on convicted killers, with complete groups for fanatics of the Menendez brothers, presenting comparable fashion edits and remarks.

As pronounced via way of means of the Tampa Bay Times but, people throughout the globe have even taken the obsession with Herrin offline.

His mom defined it as “nearly like an obsession, an bad obsession,” to the hole, detailing what number of human beings could name her domestic withinside the night, along with from Middle Eastern countries.

Although the sentencing become simply 4 months ago, a famous on line petition has emerged on line countering the choice.

“I suppose 24 years is an excessive amount of for him, he failed to do it on purpose, it become simply an accident. I need all you adorable those who suppose it is clearly now no longer proper to prison the younger guy and for twenty-four years, that is worse than death,” reads the petition description, which claims to be from the United Kingdom. The text’s spelling has been corrected via way of means of Newsweek for ease of reading.

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“We stay best once,” it continued. “With your assist we are able to keep him and we are able to get him every other hazard in courtroom docket again. As anywhere on social media, all are speaking approximately giving him a 2d hazard. We need to all assist him, due to the fact via way of means of staying in prison for twenty-four years, the victim’s own circle of relatives might not get them back, however this younger boy has misplaced the whole lot already being in prison.”

It’s doubtful precisely how the petition creators and its 28,000 signatures, plan to utilise it to offer the “every other hazard in courtroom docket,” however crook barrister Tim Kiely advised Newsweek that it is not likely to do so.

Although he recognizes that “actions which mobilise the usage of social media could have far-achieving influences at the wider societal context wherein instances can come to courtroom docket,” the social media outcry will now no longer be capable of overwrite the proof visible via way of means of the jury best recently.

“My view is that the dimensions of the social media stir over Mr. Herrin’s conviction (leaving apart the query of ways a number of the petitioners are in earnest) is not likely to make very a great deal distinction to this case,” he said.

TikTok Users Are Protesting Convicted Killer's Innocence

“The jury if so can have had the advantage of seeing all of the to be had proof, explored in element and scrutinised via way of means of expert legal professionals and advocates. They can have obtained steering from the Judge on what assessments they need to apply: whether or not and how, for example, Mr. Herrin’s intent, or loss of it, could have an effect on their choice,” he said.

“And crucially, in Florida (wherein Mr. Herrin become convicted) as in England and Wales, the jury are given strict commands to attain their verdict best in line with the proof they see in courtroom docket, and now no longer via engaging in their very own extra-procedural ‘research’. This will have an effect on each the choice to convict and next sentence.”

“It’s for this reason that the courtroom docket is fine positioned to make a willpower as to whether or not Mr. Herrin may be convicted. It has made its choice. If Mr. Herrin or his legal professionals trust he has a criminal foundation for attractive it, there are channels via which they’ll do this.”

Attorney Mark Geragos, who’s used to excessive interest instances having defended Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Winona Ryder withinside the past, expressed comparable sentiments to crazyheals.

“The petitions hardly ever paintings directly. However their attention could have an oblique impact,” he said.

“Online hobby is a double edged sword. It can not boom the scrutiny of a case and the choices made via way of means of the contributors to the detriment of an accused, however it is able to additionally garner interest to a case wherein there can be an injustice at paintings. There had been numerous superb instances wherein social media actions have ended in clemency or recollects of contributors.”

Whether or now no longer the TikTok marketing campaign will show to have any success, or how morally proper it is, is one query, however in addition questions have been highlighted via way of means of the Tampa Bay Times over the web groups.

Experts advised the hole that the money owed and posts on TikTok confirmed no symptoms and symptoms of fakery, as money owed in assist of Herrin on Twitter did. In fact, the money owed “appears to be a combination of human beings with an genuine opinion that Herrin’s sentence become too harsh and suspicious money owed strongly akin to the ones utilized by Middle East virtual advertising firms.”

Twitter suspended round 900 money owed that published approximately the Herrin case for extraordinary manipulation and junk mail policies. A spokesperson advised the hole that Twitter is presently investigating the scenario and could percentage the findings publicly after.

Specialists advised Tampa Bay Times that social media campaigns are growing in regularity, and are used to sway public opinion for private gain—on occasion elevating inventory costs or inflicting public mistrust in countries.


Herrin’s lawyer John Fitzgibbons advised the hole that he does not trust the general public assist is a result of a marketing campaign however rather surely the video of his listening to which went viral throughout the world.

“I need to make it clear, none of this hobby originated with us,” he said. “We do not have the technical functionality or the funding.”

Herrin’s lawyer has but showed that he plans to enchantment his sentence.

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