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TikTok Officer Kingery Sexual Abuse Controversy Explained, Update Now, Wife, Dancing Video


TikTok account of famous TikToker Officer Kingery become now no longer located after indulging in a current controversy that he’s embroiled in a sexual attack case, understand his modern day update

Charlie Kingery’s friend, a well-known TikTok celebrity, Officer Kingery become accused of sexual abuse. His social media debts and portfolios grow to be unavailable at the net after that. He become famous for visiting with a musical/comedic company.

TikTok Officer Kingery Sexual Abuse Controversy Explained, Update Now, Wife, Dancing Viral Video

Officer Kingery is likewise a member of the “Content Violation Group,” a collection of comedians. In addition, the officer is a member of Lawrence’s SWAT unit. The sole purpose for the moniker is they continually communicate the fact approximately present day events.

Who Is Officer Kingery?

Officer Kingery is a famous TikToker who has accrued 2.five million fans on his account. Charlie Kingery is his authentic name, and he’s stated to be in his 30s. His TikTok account’s username is @officer_kingery.

Outside of TikTok, Kingery can be visible together along with his accomplice Officer Stuart Bishop in season three of the Emmy-triumphing documentary collection Live PD.

Kingery is a authentic police officer who’s a member of the Lawrence Police Department’s SWAT squad and works for the Lawrence Police Department in Indiana. Christine Kingery is the spouse of officer Charlie Kingery, who’s a marriage planner via way of means of career and the couple were given married ten years ago, and Kingery has lived in Fishers. They have youngsters, Landon and Audra.

Officer Kingery TikTok Controversy Explained

He received recognition at the lip-synchronizing webweb page considering that they divulge a few real matters and netizens appear to have cherished his work. Though folks that are acquainted together along with his seems have observed that he’s inaccessible following reviews of his partner having been charged with sexually assaulting someone.

TikTok Controversy Debunked


Fans who have been acquainted with Officer Kingri’s TikTok fabric have been suspicious of his sudden departure following claims towards his friend. After unsubstantiated accusations that his acquaintance have been assaulted severa instances withinside the public arena, the 32-year-vintage officer made more than one rounds.

His band, Content Violation, additionally called The Ride Along Crew, is presently trending along a famous TikTok phenomenon.

To begin, his friend Jimmy Jones published a video on his TikTok account refuting rumours and answering fake charges. Brianna, Jimmy’s girlfriend, desired to have youngsters however become not able to do so, inflicting headaches of their relationship.

He even mentioned behaving badly round her. Even if he mentioned dishonest on some other woman, Jimmy brushed off claims that he bodily assaulted the spouse of TikTok supermegacelebrity Georgia Landscaper.

After customers of Tiktok located that the respectable’s TikTok account become unavailable, this TikTok controversy were given even greater traction. His Instagram account become additionally deactivated.

His TikTok profile had over 38.7 million likes, now it says “This account couldn’t be located” whilst you attempt to watch him at the app. Accusations of sexual attack towards him have regarded at the net considering that his absence from TikTok.

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Shortly earlier than deleting his respectable TikTok account, he reputedly launched a respond video, which he rejected as doubtful charges. In his complete life, he has by no means attacked, harassed, or assaulted anybody, consistent with TikTok supermegacelebrity officer Kingery.

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