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The internet’s bizarre obsession with Pokimane’s feet


In the beyond, we’ve got spoken approximately Pokimane’s alternatively specific lovers a couple of times. Her lovers, generally stated as “simps”, have normally been determined to over glorify the streamer’s content. Further, she has been accused of pronouncing or doing matters that the net did now no longer approve of. An instance is while the 24-year-vintage recommended her lovers to offer bad remarks to a smaller YouTuber’s content.

This Youtuber turned into ItsAGundam, who had published a video mocking her lovers. Furthermore, Pokimane has confronted implications of mendacity approximately having a boyfriend with the aid of using extremely good Internet personalities inclusive of Leafy and Keemstar. The latter has even referred to as her ‘fake’ and ‘pathetic’, and accused her of mendacity approximately being unmarried to keep receiving donations from ‘sad, lonely guys’ online.

The internet's bizarre obsession

This has rarely stopped Pokimane’s lovers from appreciating her, despite the fact that she has spoken angrily of those trends. Regardless, of late, she has even proclaimed that the usage of the term “simps” may be obnoxious, and normally works to deter human beings from being type to ladies at the net.

In this article, we have a take a observe a weird obsession that a number of Pokimane’s lovers seem to have advanced over the last few years.

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The net’s weird obsession with Pokimane’s toes

First and foremost, we have a take a observe Pokimane’s wikifeet profile. Just because the call suggests, this internet site is defined as “the collaborative superstar toes internet site”. As you may see below, the Fortnite star’s profile holds a few weird facts approximately her toes, which includes her shoe size, that is a 6.5,m in step with americaA charts.

Moreover, we also can see that there are 1667 votes that Pokimane’s lovers have solid on her toes so far.

Her toes have collaboratively been given the best feasible 5 stars, which places her in the “acclaimed” fantastic toes category. While the wide variety of votes and the general aesthetic of the stats are bizarre enough, in addition studies on the problem exhibits some thing deeper.

The internet's bizarre obsession with Pokimane's feet

As it turns out, there’s a selected subreddit made for sharing pictures of her toes, especially. This consists of all sorts of informal and different pix of her toes that lovers basically supply from her videos. The subreddit presently has only some of her lovers, however the sheer quantity of pix shared over the current beyond is mind-boggling!

Pokimane’s lovers’ obsession together along with her seems is some thing this is noticeably chronicled. However, this appears absolutely new territory.

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