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Tasia Alexis Is a Star on Social Media, but She’s Also Done Time in Jail


In element due to the fact social media can increase the profiles of everyday human beings, its stars can every now and then be human beings who’ve complex histories. Tasia Alexis Hussey, who currently joined TikTok after attaining social media stardom thru structures like Vine and Instagram, is one supermegacelebrity who has a existence out of doors of her on line persona. Now, Tasia is revealing greater information about what her actual existence is like.

Why did Tasia Alexis Hussey visit jail?

In one current TikTok, Tasia shared that she had hung out in jail, or even confirmed her fans her mugshot. Now, many individuals who are inquisitive about Tasia Alexis are questioning what she did time for. According to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Tasia turned into arrested and charged with forgery and ownership of methamphetamine. For many that used to observe Tasia, her arrest allows explains why she disappeared.

Tasia turned into in the beginning a celebrity on Vine, the app designed for short-shape comedy that closed its doorways years in the past. Tasia had greater than three million fans at the platform and knew a way to create movies for that audience. After Vine disappeared, Tasia took lots of her extensive following over to Instagram, in which she had greater than 450,000 fans.

As she commenced to end up much less energetic on Instagram, many questioned whether or not some thing turned into taking place with the previous social media darling. Although she sooner or later found out that she turned into pregnant, with the aid of using early 2019, she had stopped posting altogether. As it turns out, Tasia had stopped posting due to the fact she have been arrested in February of that year. Now that she’s on Tiktok, Tasia is being frank approximately why she vanished from social media.

Tasia is making her lovers experience antique.

Tasia Alexis

Because Tasia turned into a celebrity all of the manner returned withinside the Vine days, her reappearance on TikTok is making a few lovers consider how lengthy they have been on line.

“So, I’m on TikTok and I come upon Tasia Alexis’s page (she turned into from Vine) and reputedly she accomplished went to jail and now has a child,” one person wrote on Twitter. “I experience excellentb antique.”

“Finding out Tasia Alexis from Vine disappeared all the ones years in the past due to the fact she went to jail,” some other person added.

Now that she’s on TikTok, Tasia is sharing information of her existence, such as pics of her child and greater information about how she thinks approximately her time in jail. Her first TikTok turned into of her conserving her child at the same time as she sings a song.

Since then, Tasia has validated that she nonetheless is aware of a way to be a celebrity on social media, despite the fact that existence has thrown her some curveballs given that her time on Vine.

“People nonetheless deliver up the antique me however it’s made me who I am today #JesusSavedMe #MakeAmericaSoberAgain #MyPastMadeMeWhoIAmToday #ThankYouJesus 🥺,” she wrote withinside the caption to her submit sharing her mugshot.

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Now, Tasia has greater than 2 million fans on TikTok, and her posts have acquired greater than 15 million likes. She would possibly have accomplished a while in jail, however plainly she’s surely bounced returned withinside the time given that.

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