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How to RESOLVE “ hp printer driver unavailable error”?


The “printer driver unavailable” error is often to blame when an HP printer stops functioning correctly. A problem of this nature is often annoying since it prevents you from printing, scanning, or copying. You may now quickly and simply fix the hp printer driver unavailable problem after reading this article. 

If your hp printer driver is unavailable, you can try the following solutions.

For getting latest update run window update

HP printer driver problems are more common on outdated Windows systems. Make sure you upgrade your system first if you haven’t done so recently. When you update to the latest version of Windows, you’ll get access to fixed bugs and brand-new options.

Simply reinstall the printer’s software.

The HP printer driver is either missing, corrupt, or not recognised by the computer, which causes the HP printer driver unavailable error. Get the most up-to-date, reliable driver for your printer, then delete the old one. To do this, you may either do it manually or automatically (recommended). The Windows built-in utility known as Device Manager gives you access to information about and management of all the hardware components installed in your system.

Modify the printer driver to reinstall itself automatically

Use Driver Easy if you want the most recent driver for your HP printer but don’t want to deal with the hassle of downloading and reinstalling it manually.

Driver Easy is capable of instantly identifying your computer and locating the most up-to-date drivers for it. There’s no need to determine the precise operating system, download and install the incorrect driver, or worry about screwing up the installation.

Examine the computer for faulty system files

If the aforementioned solutions don’t work, something may be wrong with your computer. Printer problems, such as the driver error, might be caused by corrupted system files. In order to fix it, you may use Reimage to do a complete scan and repair of Windows.

The stepwise procedures for above-mentioned solutions are listed below.

Stepwise Procedure to run windows update to fix HP printer driver unable

●    To access the Windows settings menu, hit the Windows logo key and the letter I at the same time on your keyboard. Just head to Settings > Update& Security.

●    Choose to Look at Updates.

●    When an update is ready to be downloaded and installed, the process will begin immediately. When the task is finished, which should only take a few minutes, restart your computer and try again. If the first option doesn’t work, try the second.

Stepwise Procedure to reinstall printer’s software

●   Press the Windows logo key with the letter R on your keyboard to bring up the Run menu. Then, hit OK after entering devmgmt.msc.

●    To open the Printers subcategory, simply double-click on it.

●    To remove your HP printer, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall device.”

●   Tick To uninstall the driver for this device, click the Delete button.

●   To apply the modifications, restart the machine, and Windows will automatically install the suitable driver.

Stepwise Process to repair damaged or faulty files

●   Get Reimage from their website and put it on your computer.

●    Launch Reimage, and then scan your computer at no cost by selecting the Yes button.

●    With Reimage, your machine will undergo a complete scan. There might be a brief delay while this happens.

●    Once it’s finished, a comprehensive report of your computer’s problems will be displayed. Click the AUTO REPAIR button to get them fixed immediately.


In conclusion, if you are seeing hp printer driver is unavailable  on your pc, you need not worry. You can use the process and solutions mentioned in this article.

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