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‘Resident Evil Village’: Let’s Talk About the Dollmaker Donna Beneviento & Her Tragic Story


Though Lady Dimitrescu and her darling daughters have been the principle consciousness of Capcom’s advertising and marketing rollout for Resident Evil Village, fanatics quickly grew to like a number of the opposite campy characters after they were given their palms at the recreation. The Four Lords of the Village and their minions are glaringly the standouts right here. One of them, however, prefers a lifestyles of isolation, shadows, or even residing in an otherworldly dreamscape in preference to going through the actual international because it is. So it is to Donna Beneviento we flip our interest now.

After defeating the aforementioned Lady D and her daughters, Ethan unearths that the hidden international beyong the village rectangular holds many extra secrets. The branching route main north farfar from the village, thru a progression-locked gate of course, takes Ethan thru a Potter’s Field, throughout a rickety suspension bridge above a mountain stream, and thru what become as soon as possibly a adorable garden… minus, you know, all of the tombstones and dolls striking from nooses withinside the tree branches. (You can hint all paths and pinpoint loot in this first-rate interactive map.) Despite this place being in large part freed from encounters to your first trek thru, you will discover a appropriate quantity of creepy lore right here concerning the property and its owners’ tragic history. Enter the subsequent Lord of the Village: Donna Beneviento.

Resident Evil Village

Upon coming into the lifestyles-sized dollhouse, Ethan unearths the subsequent lacking piece of his daughter Rosemary, however then the energy is going out and with it is going the flask and all of Ethan’s guns and gear. That approach no shooting, no healing, and no turning back. How may want to this probable be? And what is with the giant, gurgling, insatiable fetus chasing you thru the depths of the Beneviento manor? It’s all for your head, see. While the opposite 3 Lords are very in advance and apparent with their modifications and energy sets, Donna Beneviento prefers to paste to the shadows and play head video games as each a way of protection and of trapping her victims, forever. That’s a nod to each Donna’s private trauma because of the tragedies that happened her own circle of relatives and to the unique powers (and defects) granted to her with the aid of using Mother Miranda’s Cadou experiment.


The noble Beneviento own circle of relatives have been descended from village co-founder Berengario. Before Mother Miranda even entered the picture, Donna skilled excessive social tension as a child, who prefer to talk and have interaction with human beings thru her doll, Angie, which her father had made for her. But while Mother Miranda selected the Beneviento member of the family Bernadette for her Cadou tests, matters took a flip for the worse. Bernadette died because of the experiment, riding Donna’s dad and mom to suicide. Donna coped with the aid of using staying remoted and secluded withinside the own circle of relatives property with most effective the gardener for conversation, making dolls as a substitute for her useless own circle of relatives members, together with Claudia, whose unique own circle of relatives dating isn’t always showed withinside the recreation. At a few factor at some stage in her early adulthood, Donna, too, become corrupted and converted with the aid of using Mother Miranda’s mildew parasite.

Though Donna become implanted with the Cadou, she survived, displaying most effective a excessive facial deformity over her eye as a result. No different bodily transformation manifested, however the mildew allowed her to secrete a psychoactive substance that prompted the ones troubled with the aid of using it to look visions. (Mold-inflamed flower pollen additionally triggered hallucinations in everyone who breathed them in, consisting of Ethan upon coming into the garden.) Donna become then “adopted” with the aid of using Mother Miranda as one of the village Lords, regardless of the truth that her intellectual fitness problems and facial deformity prompted Miranda to look her as “defective.” In-recreation lore exhibits that Donna used her hallucination cappotential to permit her gardener to “see his (useless) own circle of relatives again” however additionally to torture Ethan, trying to get him to live withinside the depths of her mansion forever. One wonders whether or not the Mia doll that serves as this place’s essential puzzle become a part of Donna’s macabre craftsmanship or if it become all in Ethan’s thoughts all along…

'Resident Evil Village': Let's Talk About

Oddly sufficient, Donna Beneviento become at first speculated to be extra of a ghostly horror with a chunk of creepy doll ownership thrown in for appropriate measure. There’s additionally a distinction withinside the English localization and the authentic Japanese version, with the previous blaming a facial scar (which isn’t always shown, or now no longer painted, in Donna’s portrait with Angie) for Donna’s aloof nature and the latter blaming her isolation on her dad and mom’ suicide. There appears to were a few hand waving while it got here to Donna Beneviento’s idea stages, however in the end the very last execution offers Resident Evil Village and its fanatics one of the creepiest, maximum unforgettable encounters withinside the franchise.

When the hallucinations were not sufficient to defeat Ethan (although that they’d gamers placing the controller down and taking walks away), Donna become capable of cut up her Cadou into her many dolls (now no longer simply Angie) and manage them like a psychic puppetmaster. Ethan ultimately defeats Donna with the aid of using defeating the Cadou cut up amongst her dolls, and it is the Angie doll that is amassed as a vaulable object as opposed to a crystallized shape of Donna herself. Upon defeat, Donna disappates similar to the ghostly figures from Japanese folklore that stimulated her authentic design. So ends the shortest, maximum tragic, and downright creepiest collection of Resident Evil Village and its boss battles. Now we simply must look forward to the inevitable launch of Donna & Angie Funko Pop dolls to feature to our very own collection.


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