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How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error 6123, 0?


QuickBooks stores all the business financial data in a company file with a .qbw and saves the backup with the .qbb extension. But sometimes, these company files are hard to access due to some reasons. This results in the QuickBooks error 6123. Users also complain that it occurs when trying to access, restore or upgrade the company file. It generally falls when accessing the QuickBooks company file with internet explorer. So to fix the error, we present you with this blog, which contains the explanations for the error and the troubleshooting methods.

What Cause QuickBooks Error 6123, 0?

The following points will provide you with the exact explanation of why your QuickBooks is showing error 6213:

  • The most significant reason is that your company file is corrupted.
  • When the system antivirus blocks essential communication port 8080.
  • When the Windows OS crashed instantly.
  • Improper closure of the company file damages the file.
  • Attempt to restore the back through the external storage device or online storage.

After knowing the reasons, let’s eliminate the error from the QuickBooks program with the next section.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 6123, 0?

When the error 6123, don’t panic; it can be resolved with the following method. We will operate the QuickBooks Tool Hub. It has the capability to resolve the error in one go. But for the use, you have to download and install it with the following steps:

Step 1: Download QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. To download the Tool Hub, visit the Intuit QuickBooks website.
  2. After you reach the website, search for Tool Hub of the latest version,
  3. When the Tool Hub page opens, click on the Download button and save the file.
  4. After downloading, go to the location where the file is stored. If you can’t find the file, open the system Downloads folder or can press Ctrl+J from the browser you used to download the Tool Hub. 
  5. Now, click right on the Qbtoolhub.exe file and go for the Run as Administrator.
  6. After that, the system will ask to run the file and click on the Run button from the security window.
  7. Follow the installation steps.
  8. When prompted to agree with the License Permit, click on Agree and Continue button. 
  9. After the installation finishes, open the Tool Hub and follow the next step.

Step 2: Use QuickBooks File Doctor 

QuickBooks File Doctor is diagnostic, which is present in the Tool Hub application. To fix the QuickBooks error 6123, 0, we will use the File Doctor with the following steps: 

  1. Open Tool Hub program.
  2. Exactly when the Tool screen appears, pick the Company File Issues.
  3. From there on out, click on Run File Doctor.
  4. Exactly when the File Doctor opens, using the drop-down, pick the company file t to fix. If can’t locate the file, then click on Browse and Search.
  5. Now, hit on Check Your File and snap on Continue.
  6. Enter the QuickBooks Admin Password to proceed.
  7. Click Next.
  8. As of now, the scan will start. The scan can require up to 5 minutes to analyze the file for QuickBooks error 6123, 0.
  9. Right, when the scan gets done, send off the QuickBooks application, and afterward, check your Company file.

If the error continues then, you must repair the program with the following step.

Step 3: Use Quick Fix My Program

Sometimes, the QuickBooks error 6123, 0 occurs due to the program damages. So it is recommended to repair the program with the QuickBooks Tool Hub’s Quick Fix my Program ability. It will fix all the programs that are related to the program. Now, go through the following means: 

  1. At the very first, open the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Then from the left side, click on the Program Problems tab.
  3. Now, from the right side, click on Quick Fix My Program. It takes some time to open. It also can take some more time if you have installed various QuickBooks versions.
  4. Wait until the progress bar shows done.
  5. When the Quick Fix My Program accomplishes the repair, open the QuickBooks and verify the error fixation.

Winding Up

Whenever the QuickBooks error 6123, 0 occurs, you know what to do. To fix the error, you must adopt and perform the above method of using the QuickBooks Tool Hub application. It will fix the company file error 6213. However, the error continues; dial +1-520-463-7633 to contact Pro Advisor and get the solution

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