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Netsuite OpenAir vs Core BQE – Best In 2022


Today’s businesses require dependable technology to meet their different requirements. The majority of the widely used project management software available today is cloud-based. In order to make the best decision, it is crucial for consumers to understand how their options stack up against one another. With thousands of users worldwide, NetSuite is a renowned cloud computing service that has been in existence for decades.  Another reputable engineer that records projects, billings, and hours in one window is Core BQE. To assist readers in determining which option is best for them, this article presents a comparison between NetSuite OpenAir vs Core BQE.

NetSuite OpenAir

Numerous services are offered by Netsuite OpenAir to a variety of sectors, including marketing, healthcare, retail, energy, and education.  It has a wide variety of features that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the team.


NetSuite OpenAir is a comprehensive ERP solution that aids customers in managing their finances, supply chains, accounting, inventories, and businesses. It brings together all the elements on a unified platform that can be utilized to make detailed plans, set budgets, track progress, and assess forecasts. Managing currencies, adhering to tax regulations, and reporting results from various geographical locations are also made simpler.


There is no need to manually enter the information because OpenAir makes it easier for users to keep a full ledger. By using the same window where you handle projects, it is simpler to manage the process. All information can be retained in a record, and the categories will be tailored to the various account types and reporting segments. On the same site, customers may also manage domestic or foreign taxes. They can customise payment options for their clients and add more information to the form.


A comprehensive picture of the partners, vendors,  customers, and other prospects is provided through NetSuite OpenAir. The software also automates the marketing process, making it simple for customers to target, create, or carry out their campaigns. There is no need to spend time, and quotes or pricing can be configured when generating prices in accordance with the system.

HR Management 

With NetSuite, you can streamline payroll and other HR processes since it updates accounts in real-time. The HR component allows for the management of the information, making it simple to handle any employee performance reviews or goals.


Users of OpenAir can enter data while operating in offline mode. They can include important project-related details and arrange them by category. Additionally, it enables project tracking depending on their stages or tasks. For manufacturing firms, NetSuite offers a variety of functions, including sales floor administration and product costing.


BQE Core

In order to handle accounting operations, manage projects, and maximise the potential of any firm, Core BQE includes a number of crucial functions.


With the aid of cloud feeds and invoices, accounting may indeed be accurate and comprehensive. With Core BQE, it is simpler to cut down on the time needed to generate each form. Billing activities can be completed quickly thanks to the improved invoice processing. Everything can be connected to the bank account or credit card provider using the cloud feed option. Users can reduce the likelihood of errors in the process by downloading a copy of their transaction.

Software Integration

Core BQE also offers access to the APIs to enable the widest range of project management solutions possible. Users are able to personalise their integration. The programme allows for Google, One Drive, and Box synchronisation and assists teams in making payments via  LawPay, ClientPay, and CPA Charge. Additionally, Core and QuickBooks have a long-standing working relationship, so their collaboration is smooth. The platform’s automation features also help to cut down on the amount of repeated work.

HR Management

The employees’ experience with HR management is made simple by a number of elements in BQE Core. The specialised HR section can assist with work automation, overtime payment calculations, time-off balance totals, employee milestone tracking, and salary history viewing. The software is made to save time and reduce the amount of hours that a typical firm spends on paperwork.

Time Tracking

The time spent on projects can be tracked in a variety of ways with Core, and BQE unifies the information into a single timesheet. Users can ensure that they are on a path that assists them finish the assignment before the deadline by choosing a specific data range from the viewing options. It records project time as a whole and computes vacation time. With BQE, there are various ways to manage each step of the process and guarantee that it adds value to the final result.


Users have an easy way to guarantee they have rapid access to all crucial tasks thanks to a customizable dashboard. Sharing the dashboards with others will help to keep an accountable culture. Users can avoid potential company losses because they have real-time access to the information. On the dashboard, there is a widget that computes the income statements, cash flows, profits, losses, and other variables so that they may be compared to other projects or prior years.


Small to medium business price for NetSuite OpenAir starts at $399 per month with an extra $49 per user per month.

The Core BQE package is the more cost-effective choice because it starts at $7.95 per user per month.

Final Verdict

After comparing NetSuite OpenAir and Core BQE, it is safe to assume that both offer a variety of project management-related capabilities. They offer several choices for software integration and support the accounting process. In the end, OpenAir offers greater customization options, but both platforms allow users to modify their approach to budgeting and billing.

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