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Naruto: 5 things that changed after Kurama’s death (& 5 things that remained the same)


The demise of Kurama changed into one of the saddest matters a Naruto fan has watched in the course of the path of the series. The Baryon Mode killed the Nine Tailed Beast, who now no longer best assisted the protagonist in battles, however additionally passed off to be one in every of his closest friends.

The have shared an first-rate adventure and feature come to just accept every different. While Kurama’s demise impacted the Seventh Hokage with the aid of using a enormous margin, a few components remained the equal.

Naruto: Things that modified after the demise of Kurama1) Impacted the cappotential to attract Natural Energy


Naruto has been capable of harness and acquire the herbal electricity round him that allows you to input Sage Mode even after Kurama’s demise. However, the sheer amount that he changed into capable of harness changed into a long way better due to Kurama. After the demise of his pricey friend, he’ll now no longer be capable of draw out as tons herbal electricity as he used to before.

2) Reduction in chakra reserve

Naruto had extraordinarily excessive chakra reserves and existence pressure due to the fact he changed into a member of the Uzumaki clan. However, his chakra reserves have accelerated exponentially ever due to the fact Kurama changed into sealed internal him.

But after the usage of Baryon Mode, Kurama died and the protagonist’s chakra reserves took a massive hit. His chakra reserves have been decreased with the aid of using a enormous margin after the demise of the Nine Tailed Beast.

3) Can’t use Tailed Beast Bomb

The Tailed Beast Bomb is a ridiculously effective circulate that has wonderful unfavourable capabilities. However, the Seventh Hokage might now no longer be capable of create a Bijuu Dama due to the fact Kurama now no longer exists.

This assault will now no longer be viable due to the fact he can not integrate and hyperlink up with Kurama anymore.

4) Can’t use Tailed Beast Mode

Kurama changed into crucial in Naruto being capable of use Tailed Beast Mode or the Kurama Mode. This transformation requires Kurama’s chakra as well, with out which he can not go through this transformation. However, he nevertheless retained a few marvelous powers way to the present given with the aid of using Hagoromo Otsutsuki.

five) Healing talents

Naruto has wonderful restoration talents even with out Kurama due to the fact he’s from the Uzumaki clan. However, his restoration talents have been a long way extra whilst he had Kurama and his chakra at his disposal.

However, after the demise of the Nine Tailed Beast, the Seventh Hokage now no longer possesses the equal regeneration fee that he as soon as did.

Things that remained the equal regardless of Kurama’s death1) Sage Mode

Despite the lack of his pricey friend, the Seventh Hokage can nevertheless use the Sage Mode. Fans have been thrilled to peer that Naruto nevertheless retained a number of his powers and that he’s able to taking down sturdy warring parties.

However, he needed to use Shadow Clones that allows you to acquire the herbal electricity. Bottom line is that he can nevertheless harness Senjutsu to carry out this very superior method that notably complements his powers.

2) Remains compassionate

Fans witnessed how the demise of Sasuke’s cherished ones drove him to never-ending depths of darkness. It is pretty smooth for a person to sense bad feelings after the lack of a pricey friend.

However, the Seventh Hokage is still compassionate and loving toward his pricey friends. While he misses Kurama, he is aware of that he has to shoulder a ton of obligations due to the fact he’s the Hokage.

3) Still has get admission to to Tailed Beast chakra

In theory, Naruto nevertheless has get admission to to the opposite 8 Tailed Beast chakra due to the fact he changed into the assembly point. However, his cappotential to utlize it and faucet into the ones powers is questionable.

With that being said, he nevertheless has different options just like the Six Paths Sage Mode, that’s an outstanding electricity up that permits him to tackle a number of the most powerful villains withinside the series.

4) Still has brilliant sensory perception

Owing to Hagoromo’s present, he can use the Six Paths Sage Mode. In this mode, his sensory perceptions are heightened to some other stage which permits him to recognize matters in a miles higher manner.

This performs a massive function whilst his warring parties are seeking to trap him off-guard. Despite the lack of Kurama, he retained his appropriate sensory perceptions.

five) Still has all five nature modifications

Naruto: 5 things that changed after Kurama's death (& 5 things that remained the same)

Naruto has mastered all 5 nature modifications toward the quit of Shippuden. The Seventh Hokage can nevertheless use all 5 nature modifications together with Lava launch, Magnet launch and Boiling launch kekkei genkai.

While Kurama’s demise impacted his typical chakra reserves, it hasn’t impacted his cappotential to apply all of those techniques.

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