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‘Nah He Tweakin’: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Slang


What does ‘nah he tweakin’ mean? Read the entire article beneath to discover what it manner and the complete tale at the back of how the viral fashion started –

If you have been on an Instagram remark phase withinside the remaining 24 hours, you then definately likely saw “nah he tweakin” everywhere you looked. Instagram’s PR group even despatched out a tweet that answered to the questions on this ultra-modern remark which became anywhere. But what does “nah he tweakin” mean? Here’s what we recognise approximately it –


What does “nah he tweakin” mean?

Nah He Tweakin

If you’ve got been on an Instagram remark phase you then definately likely went immediately to Google to search “Nah he tweakin meaning” or some thing alongside the ones lines. The word that’s presently anywhere on Instagram clearly refers to a person who is loopy or “tripping”.

The fashion is associated with American rapper Lil Nas X and expert skateboarder Tony “Birdman” Hawk. It seems Lil Nas X these days commented on a put up on Instagram offering Tony Hawk and the net went beserk. But wherein is all this drama coming from?

How did “nah he tweakin” turn out to be a fashion?

It all started while Lil Nas X determined to rejoice the discharge of his tune Montero, remaining month. The diamond-licensed rapper determined to release some thing called ‘Satan Shoes’ which have been customized Nike Air Max 97’s containing a drop of human blood withinside the soles, in line with BBC. The footwear have been in commemoration of Lil Nas X’s video for Montero wherein the singer slides down on a pole to bop with the literal satan in Hell.

However, conservatives or Nike itself did now no longer take too kindly to this information. Several humans accused Lil Nas X of satanic worship among different things. Now, Tony Hawk has introduced that he is promoting 500 confined version skateboard decks, with paint crafted from his blood.

The net would possibly have forgotten the backlash they gave the rapper over a comparable issue, however Lil Nas X without a doubt hasn’t. RapTV’s reliable Instagram deal with shared the information wherein Lil Nas X wrote the infamous “nah he tweakin” remark in response. The rapper’s remark has due to the fact obtained over 140k likes at the put up, and the net has due to the fact misplaced it is mind.

Lil Nas X additionally despatched out a tweet speaking approximately how Tony Hawk hasn’t obtained the equal backlash over his ‘bloody’ skateboard (get it?). He implied that the preliminary backlash would possibly have had some thing to do together along with his pores and skin shadeation and sexual orientation.

'Nah He Tweakin': Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Viral Slang

In any case, a wave of Instagram customers have all started the usage of the term “nah he tweakin” anywhere, whether or not it is an influencer’s put up or an actor’s. Instagram’s PR group additionally answered to the hassle and got here up with a few answers due to the fact numerous stores alleged that Instagram’s spambots have been those commenting anywhere.

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According to BBC, withinside the remaining 12 hours “nah he tweakin'” has generated extra than eleven million public interactions on Instagram, bringing up facts from Crowdtangle.

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