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My Hero Academia: Is Hawks A Traitor? Revealed


In a international ruled via way of means of heroes and villains, there wishes to be a grey area. Hawks fall beneathneath that patch. He is that this nonchalant, cool, and promising hero. But there may be some thing approximately him that appears upsetting. There is that this cloak of thriller round him that makes him a tad bit doubtful. At present, he’s the second-excellent seasoned hero, following the footsteps of Endeavor. And he’s additionally a member of the League of Villains. So, does that make him a few form of a traitor?

This article will discover the lingering query and a piece on Hawks as a person.

The article consists of predominant spoilers from My Hero Academia Manga. Read at your discretion.

The Second Best Pro Hero:

The call Hawks has been round for a while. Although it become handiest in Chapter 184 while the target target market definitely got here to realize approximately him. The quick and a laugh interplay among him and Endeavor on the occasion become sufficient to garner hobby among humans. He become an awesome hero in his early 20s with a composed attitude, how ought to all of us now no longer like him?

Moreover, it become additionally made clean that he’s keen on Endeavor too. It become an great feat of chivalry and dexterity in opposition to the high-give up nomu while he become combating in conjunction with Endeavor. If it wasn’t for him, the Number 1 hero would possibly have lost.

But a unmarried occasion modified the entirety approximately Hawks and instilled a doubt withinside the reader’s minds.

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An Agent For The League of Villains?

In a darkish alley, Hawks got here to satisfy Dabi and stated that he desired to enroll in LoV. The readers have been perplexed, this improvement withinside the tale become pretty a surprising one. Because if Hawks have been to enroll in LoV then they’ll get to realize the entirety approximately the heroes. And it’ll mark the inception of doomsday.

But because it turns out, this wasn’t the case. Hawks become becoming a member of LoV for a completely exceptional cause in mind. He wasn’t there to make any buddies or betray the heroes. It become a covert undertaking recognised to only a few humans.

So, Is Hawks A Traitor Or Not?

Hawks will in no way betray the agree with of humans who’ve religion in him. Because he become designed accordingly; to shield individuals who have been in want of help. Furthermore, again then it become the heroes who have been in dire want of the statistics on LoV. Hawks simply did what he become informed to.

He’s a double agent and gambling a make-consider recreation from each sides. Although, the percentages are in choose of Hawks. Through this act, he now no longer handiest were given into LoV however become additionally capable of benefit a piece of agree with from them. Still, the truth that he’s doing it for the sake of the protection of humans doesn’t change. Because he’s a easy hero doing his activity and now no longer the paintings of a traitor. So lengthy solution quick, no he isn’t a traitor. He determined to aspect with humans whom he deems because the righteous ones.

But is that the entire case?

Because there’s some other vital query which comes withinside the photograph too. Can Hawks emerge as a traitor withinside the close to future?

Hawks – A Tool For Justice

Keigo Takami, a infant who become ruthlessly abused via way of means of his father on a every day basis. He believed that heroes have been a fable due to the fact no person become coming to shop him. But one day, Endeavor stuck his father and freed him from the misery. Since that day, Hawks has constantly well-known him. From thereon, he educated beneathneath mystery government to shop everybody who requires help. Thus, forming the concept that he’s only a device for justice.

Why Hawks Can Betray The Heroes?

When he met Twice, a person who simply desired to shield his buddies, some thing in him should have modified. The welfare of society destroyed their promise of flying together. It become heartwrenching for Hawks to witness the dying of an excellent friend. And on the alternative hand, there has been Dabi.

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Both Hawks and Dabi have been coerced into the sector of heroism via way of means of folks who handiest desired non-public benefit. What’s extra thrilling is that each in their abusers have been their fathers handiest. And Hawks is much more likely to aspect with the sufferer instead of the abuser due to his similiar past. The parallelism of Hawks with Twice and Dabi is a frightening one. He has all of the manageable motives to show his again in opposition to the heroes. But whether or not he is going rogue or now no longer may be handiest responded via way of means of Horikoshi.

What do you all consider Hawks? Can he emerge as a traitor? Tell us your mind withinside the comments.

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