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Most valuable Pokemon cards you can pull in McDonald’s Happy Meal


McDonald’s and Pokemon have collaborated yet again to deliver packs of Pokemon playing cards to McDonald’s Happy Meals. Here are the nice playing cards you could pull from the 2022 Pokemon McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Pokemon has teamed up with speedy meals massive McDonald’s another time to deliver a number of the maximum iconic monsters from the franchise to Happy Meals everywhere.

Last year, Pokemon celebrated its twenty fifth anniversary and joined forces with McDonald’s to get packs of TCG playing cards into Happy Meals. The Happy Meals bought out instantly, growing a big marketplace for resellers who jacked up prices.

Now, the collaboration is back, and running shoes are thinking which playing cards are the maximum precious to grab.

Most precious Pokemon playing cards from McDonald’s Happy Meal

There are 15 Pokemon playing cards you could pull from Happy Meal packs. Each Pokemon has a holographic variant, and every % consists of 4 playing cards with it.

The non-holographic playing cards are promoting on eBay in the $1-2 variety, as they’re the maximum not unusualplace to return back across.

The maximum precious playing cards from this series are the holographic playing cards. The following are getting in the $3-$6 variety as of now:






Pikachu (maximum precious)

Most high priced McDonald’s Pokemon card


The maximum high priced holographic to preserve your eye on is Pikachu, of course. The mascot of the franchise has a chunk of a better asking from in the $10 variety.

Pikachu’s holo playing cards from 2021’s series are nonetheless in the $10-15 variety on eBay, so it’s probable that Pikachu’s fee won’t drop whenever soon.

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So, in case you are trying to locate the maximum precious card of the 2022 bunch, pray you pull a sparkly yellow card from a %.

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