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Methods Of How To Fix Brother Printer Won’t Print Black


The superior printing options and first-rate scanning services Brother Printers offers are well known. The company occasionally introduces successful features that facilitate print jobs and efficiently. However, it should be noted that although Brother printers have fantastic elements, they sometimes provide challenging printing obstacles.

Numerous people have discovered recently that they are struggling with the brother printer won’t print black problems. We’ll walk you through the steps for mending anything successfully in this guide.

Reasons for unable to print in black on a Brother printer

Determining the precise cause of Brother Printer Not Printing Black can be difficult. The list of factors that could cause this issue is shown below:

  • The utilization of subpar generic ink cartridges
  • Lack of black ink due to the faulty printer driver
  • Data cable fault
  • The printhead or intake nozzle valve may also be clogged, which is another reason the printer isn’t printing in black.

Prevention of “Brother printer won’t print black problem.”

Try to follow the advice below to avoid difficulties because we think prevention is preferable to treatment:

  1. Regular printing

As long as the ink continuously flows through the printhead, it is less likely to sit in the nozzle, dry out, and eventually clog the fine print nozzles. This is because regular printing keeps ink moving through the printhead.

  1. Use high-quality generic cartridges.

As was already mentioned, a high-quality generic cartridge will use high-quality ink engineered to create high-quality printouts and have the proper viscosity and chemical composition so that the print nozzles won’t become clogged.

  1. Ensure that the printer isn’t in a warm position

The likelihood that ink will congeal inside the printhead while not in use increases if your printer is placed next to a window or another warm area. Issues might be avoided by moving the printer to a more relaxed space.

What to do if the black printing on your Brother printer stops?

Then, in the following order, examine the following if your printer suddenly stops printing in black:

  • Are all traces of the breather tape at the cartridge’s top?
  • The printer should have adequately identified the new cartridge. Otherwise, proceed as described here.
  • From the LCD menu on the printer, perform a maximum of two nozzle cleanings on the black print nozzle. Clean the troublesome nozzles by following this process. A couple of times should be used to clean the nozzles because more than that could worsen the issue.
  • Print a few black-and-white test pages on a printer set to the maximum photo quality setting. The ink may be pressed out of the nozzle with the help of this, which guarantees that ALL nozzles are printing.
  • If none of those above techniques work, you might need to use a printhead cleaning kit to dissolve the dried ink inside the printhead.


With the provided knowledge, you can resolve the brother printer not printing issue. Let’s work with the best professionals to offer excellent support if this is not sufficient to solve your problem.

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