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JoinPD: Everything you need to know


JoinPD may be the answer you’re searching for if you’re a teacher trying to make the most of Pear Deck in your classroom.

Using the tools you already know and love, you can daily create memorable learning experiences for every student.

This post will describe JoinPD, how it works, how to set it up, and how to use connect Pear Deck to connect sessions.

Describe JoinPD.

Online learning courses for educators are offered through JoinPD, a platform.

It is a function of PD (Pear Deck), a tool made especially to increase participation and interaction in the classroom.

With the help of this application, instructors may access self-paced courses on a variety of subjects at their leisure.

It has a wide range of features that make it a great tool for teachers.

For instance, it enables educators to design and give engaging presentations to their pupils.

This function is very helpful for grabbing students’ attention and encouraging active learning.

How Do I Configure JoinPD?

Make a User Account

Go to to access the JoinPD website.
On the Sign Up button, click.
Your email address, password, and other details must be entered.
To create an account, click the button.
You will get an email requesting you to confirm your email address after creating your account.
To verify the validity of your email address, click the link in the email.
How to Use the Dashboard
The dashboard will appear when you log into your account.

Here, you may access additional platform features and create new presentations or see ones that you already have created.

There are various parts on the dashboard, including:

My Presentations: A list of every presentation you’ve made on JoinPD is shown in this area. To view, change, or share a presentation with your students, just click on it.

New Presentation: In this part, you have the option of starting from scratch or using a template to make a new presentation.
Presented to Me: A list of presentations that other instructors have shared with you is shown in this area.

Reports: You may check reports on your presentations in this area, including information on audience interaction and student feedback.

Settings: In this section, you can change your account’s options for things like your profile information and notification settings.

How can I use JoinPD?


We’ll take you through launching a session, inviting participants, and utilising interactive features in this section.

Beginning a Session

You must have a Pear Deck account in order to begin a session.
By selecting the Start Session option on the dashboard after logging in, you may begin a new session.
You’ll be given the option to choose an existing presentation or start from scratch.
Following that, you may alter the session parameters, such as activating student-paced mode or limiting access to certain slides.

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Participants’ Invitations

You must provide an invitation to join the session after it has begun. There are several methods for doing this:

Share the Join URL: Participants may join your session by clicking on the URL you provide them with.

The session settings include a URL that is specific to your session.

Send the Session Code: You may also provide participants with a session code, which they can use to log in to your session on the website.

The session settings include the session code.

Use Google Classroom: From the Classroom interface, you may invite students to your session if you’re using Google Classroom.

Making Use of Interactive Tools
You may include interactive questions in your presentation that audience members can respond to in real time.

There are several different question kinds available, including multiple choice and short answer.

You may enable sketching tools to let audience members annotate your presentation slides.

Collaborative Boards: These boards may be created, allowing contributors to add thoughts or pictures to a common canvas.

How Can I Participate in a Pear Deck Session on JoinPD?

Participate in a Pear Deck Session in JoinPD

Look for the Join Code or Link: To join the Pear Deck session, the instructor or presenter will provide you a join link or join code.

In the email or message that the instructor or presenter provided, you may locate the join link or join code.

The Pear Deck session may be joined by clicking the join link, if one is available. Your web browser will launch the Pear Deck session.

Although Google Chrome is suggested for the best experience, you may also use other browsers.

Enter the Join Code: To join the Pear Deck session, go to and enter your join code. Your web browser will launch the Pear Deck session.

Join the Session: After you’ve joined the Pear Deck session, you may take part in it by responding to questions and prompts, as well as by communicating with the presenter and other attendees.

During the session, you may engage with the presentation by using the toolbar. You may highlight, text, draw, and answer to instructions using the toolbar. The toolbar also allows you to give the presenter comments and ask questions.

Click the Exit Session button on the toolbar to end the current session. To end the session, you may simply dismiss the browser window.

JoinPD Offers Presentation Resources

It provides a range of presentation tools so that teachers may design dynamic and interesting presentations for their pupils.

You may include interactive quizzes, polls, and questions into your presentations to gain immediate response from your audience.

You may make your presentations more interesting by using multimedia components like photographs, videos, and music.

Cooperative Qualities

It offers a variety of collaboration tools that let teachers collaborate with their peers and students.

To collaborate and get comments on your work, you may share your presentations with other educators.

You may work with other educators to develop and share lesson plans by setting up shared lesson libraries.

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Privacy and security

It takes privacy and security very seriously. The platform is built with strong security safeguards to safeguard your data and personal information.

In order to preserve your data and uphold your privacy, JoinPD complies with data privacy laws including the GDPR and COPPA.

Troubleshooting Typical Problems

Don’t worry if you’re having difficulties with JoinPD; there are a few straightforward issues that you can fix on your own.

Some of the most typical problems are listed below, along with solutions.

Connectivity Issues

Connection troubles with JoinPD are among the most frequent concerns. Try the following if you’re having problems joining a session:

Verify your internet connection. Make sure your device is connected to the internet and that you have a reliable internet connection.

Change your browser: Your browser can be the cause of the problem sometimes. To check whether the problem continues, try using a different browser.

Restart the computer: Restarting your device might sometimes help fix connectivity problems.

Audio and video problems

Audio and visual issues are another frequent concern. Try the following if you’re experiencing issues with audio or video:

Verify the settings on your device. Make sure the audio and video settings on your device are set up properly. Make sure the camera and microphone on your smartphone are turned on by checking the settings.

Check the options in your browser: Make sure the audio and video options on your browser are set up properly. Make sure the microphone and camera are turned on in your browser’s settings.

Launch your browser again: Restarting your browser might sometimes assist in resolving audio and visual problems.

After attempting the aforementioned troubleshooting techniques, if you’re still having problems, get in touch with JoinPD support for further help.

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Plans and Pricing

There are many payment tiers available for JoinPD by Pear Deck to accommodate both instructors’ and students’ requirements.

Free Programme

As part of the Free Plan, you can:

Utilise Pear Deck’s Google Slides to create and deliver interactive presentations. Add-on
Use fundamental inquiry kinds, such as draggable, drawing, and text answer inquiries.
get current student feedback and perceptions
Use Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Classroom Premium Plan as the platform’s default integrations.

The premium plan has an annual fee of $150.

All the features of the Free Plan are included in the Premium Plan, in addition to:

Multiple-choice, numerical, and true-false questions are examples of sophisticated question kinds.
Custom design and branding choices

Priority assistance

integrations that are cutting-edge, like Clever and ClassLink
Pear Deck for Google Slides accessibility Pear Deck Add-On for Teams
You get all the features of the Premium Plan with Pear Deck for Teams, plus:

centralised reporting and management

modern analytics and data monitoring

possibilities for specialised training and onboarding

Account management and assistance that is committed

Each school or district pays a set sum for Pear Deck for Teams every year. Inquire about pricing with JoinPD.


A revolutionary platform for educators, JoinPD from Pear Deck provides interactive tools to improve teaching and learning.

It makes real-time feedback possible, increases student engagement, and guarantees individualised instruction. All learners benefit from its accessibility features and data monitoring.

It meets a variety of demands with adaptable price structures, and its supportive community and opportunities for professional growth increase its worth.

It gives teachers the tools they need to use cutting-edge technology to create engaging, productive classrooms.

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