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Is Quandale Dingle dead? Internet hoax debunked


With the upward push of Quandale Dingle’s recognition on TikTok, netizens at the moment are developing rumors that the teen who fast have become a meme on-line has exceeded away.

A video claiming that the net sensation has died has been circulating at the video sharing platform and has amassed over 3 million perspectives. However, it’s far secure to mention that it’s far virtually a web hoax. Dingle isn’t dead.

Generation Z have become obsessed on the teen after a video of him circulated in 2021. The soccer supermegacelebrity become noticed at the field, with many noticing the call in the back of his jersey. Quandale Dingle has on account that long past directly to grow to be a web supermegacelebrity.

This week, a video claiming that the New Jersey-local has exceeded away determined its manner on-line. One of the various movies speakme approximately his passing become published through a TikToker named jaisvideos. In the video, a poster of the excessive college soccer participant together along with his head bowed down and a halo round his head may be seen.

The textual content withinside the video additionally reads:

“Rip quandale dingle they’re all dying. Quandale Dingle has died at age 419 because of s**cide”

Several others published their personal movies with the identical poster and crying dramatically. Some of the reactions to the video read:

Did Quandale Dingle die in reality? TikTok rumor debunked

Sources on-line declare that Dingle has now no longer exceeded away however no proof of the identical become made to be had on-line. It is likewise critical to realize that info concerning the soccer participant stay unavailable.

Despite being a meme on-line, his social media money owed can not be determined on-line.

As no credible ebook has pronounced approximately the net supermegacelebrity’s passing, it’s far secure to mention that the rumor become created through net customers.

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In current years, numerous celebrities have grow to be sufferers of such dying hoaxes. A few of the various encompass Justin Timberlake, Tom Hanks, Avril Lavigne or even Jaden Smith.

Everything to realize approximately the net sensation

Dingle dead

According to KnowYourMeme, Dingle become a Pennsauken excessive college soccer participant who won traction after he become diagnosed through a TikTok consumer. The latter recorded a video of his group on YouTube and observed the call at the lower back of his jersey read “Dingle.”

The earliest video, which featured Dingle, become published on September 13, 2021. A TikTok, consumer asapfeet, uploaded a video displaying a Windows PC login with the call Quandale Dingle written beneath it.

The picture of him which has now long past viral, stays distorted and it looks as if the athlete prefers to maintain his identification personal and now no longer screen how he looks.

The teen, who has now grow to be a meme, remains diagnosed as a excessive college athlete. However, a netizen claimed that Dingle had graduated.


On June 18, 2022 TikTok consumer goofygoober793 published a video displaying Dingle’s call on a sheet of paper. The video then cuts to the foremost calling out his call on degree and Dingle strolling toward him to just accept his diploma. The video had accrued over seven million perspectives in only 5 days.

It is clear that netizens are enthusiasts of the teen. With his developing recognition on-line, it’s far unsurprising that net customers are spreading incorrect information approximately him.

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