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Is Kento Nanami Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen? Was Nanami’s Death Necessary?


Jujutsu sorcerers are shit! Work is shit! If each are similarly shit, I’ll take the only I’m greater desirable to.

Nanami Kento: the ex-salaryman who has the fandom’s coronary heart due to his badass combating fashion and splendid story. He is a stickler to policies and has an upright personality.

However, at the back of his bloodless outside lies a gentle coronary heart and an superb knowledge of jujutsu techniques.

This makes his presence at the display screen extraordinarily memorable. Even Yuji warms as much as him and stocks his worries with “Nanamin.”

We all cherished whilst Nanami stated Yuji as a sorcerer.

Before we continue further, this text consists of foremost manga spoilers, continue at your personal discretion!

A memorable second that had all people cheering for the OP Nanami become his combat towards Mahito. It become a brutal combat for Nanami together along with his cursed method now no longer operating on Mahito.

However, his ‘overtime’ capacity helped him prevent his fierce battle.

It become glaring that the subsequent conflict among Nanami and Mahito can be vicious. And it become the case too.

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Is Nanami dead?

Yes, Nanami Kento is dead. He died on the hand of the cursed spirit, Mahito.

Nanami regarded like he were combating for an aeon withinside the Shibuya arc.

His exasperated sigh approximately how Malaysia could were excellent by some means regarded extraordinarily tragic in his pitiful state, surrounded through transfigured humans.

The guy had had some near shaves together along with his dying in advance too. When he become first stuck in Mahito’s Domain Expansion, it felt find it irresistible become his give up too.

However, he nonetheless died on the identical hands. Mahito become slyly awaiting his arrival and take over him on the proper second. He desired Nanami to empty himself out after which kill him in the front of Yuji.

Nanami become a precious individual in Jujutsu Kaisen. All the lovers dearly cherished him, specially for his practical portrayal of adulthood.

He become a type guy, too, supporting Yuji and worrying for him at his low points.

He become even thoughtful sufficient to assume his phrases thru in his final moments. Instead of burdening Yuji with a few form of legacy, he lightly left his encouragement at the back of.

I accept as true with in you, Yuji. I agree with that you may discover your path. Until now, I taught you all I could. You’ve were given it from here.

Kento Nanami’s final phrases

What function did Nanami’s dying play?

Undoubtedly, it become a large, large occasion in Itadori’s life. Ironically, it become Nanami who informed Yuji that it become now no longer a sin to be a child. Told him that it’s far ok to go away the grimy paintings to the elders.

However, Nanami succumbed to his dying in the front of this ‘child’ he desired to defend all this time.

Even penning this makes me tear up, so I can’t believe placing myself in Yuji’s shoes.

Most unfortunately, Nanami’s dying got here proper after Sukuna went berserk, killing a group of people. Mahito had accomplished his intention of breaking Yuji’s soul, bit through bit.

The weight of Nanami’s dying will certainly form Yuji’s attitude, behavior, and selections withinside the future. It is in lots of methods much like Junpei’s dying.

Whether it’ll be for the more severe or higher is as much as the approaching arcs to decide. Yuji honestly loved and revered Nanami, and in a unmarried day he misplaced Gojo and Nanami, each his mentors.

Was Nanami wrong? Isn’t Yuji only a child, sentenced to dying however attempting his first-rate to make people’s lives higher? Was it honestly all that horrific for him to stay a child?

It nearly makes you need to attain out to him and say “Yuji, you’ve were given it” too.

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Did you discover Nanami’s final phrases & dying emotional too? Let me understand withinside the comments! OK, bye, I will watch the anime wherein he’s nonetheless alive for now. :’)

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