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How Long Do Idiots Live? Trendy TikTok Joke is all Over the Internet


With such a lot of humans looking and sharing on TikTok, it’s no marvel that a few challenges, video themes, unique effects, and historical past songs pass viral.

And that emerge as TikTok tendencies that everybody follows for weeks or months till they become bored and flow directly to the following one at the list.

A new fashion has these days been round in TikTok, ah ah, now no longer simply on TikTok, however all throughout the internet. Yes, you’ve examine that right.

If you’ve been questioning approximately the ‘How Long Do Idiots Live‘ word on TikTok lately, we’ve were given you protected with what we recognise approximately it.

This TikTok meme first went viral in 2021, however it reappeared in February 2022 ‘with a brand new fashion’, yeah with a brand new fashion! You’ll get to recognise approximately it later.

As a result, the query arises: what precisely is that this new fashion meme? You’ve surely guessed from the call that it’s going to expose approximately an idiot’s lifespan, right?

However, there are some extra interesting factors of the fashion which you in all likelihood aren’t conscious of. So maintain your eyes and ears open, no wait, simply your eyes, and examine directly to analyze extra approximately this ‘vintage however new fashion’.


‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’ TikTok’s Trendy Meme Explained


This fashion entails a person asking a daft query on Google and receiving an similarly uncommon response.

So, the ridiculous query is – ‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’

That’s the complete factor of the meme, you could certainly pass and Google that word. And not anything thrilling comes it’s simply an age.

According to Google, the solution to the word is ‘12-15 years.’ That method that by the point youngsters are teenagers, all idiots had been eliminated from the planet. And all adults are wonderful, regular, non-idiotic humans. We recognise that’s sort of unusual however that’s what a meme is.

Another Trend Has Taken Over

Remember how we stated a brand new fashion with How Long Do Idiots Live in our introduction? That’s right, we had been speaking approximately this one.

The new fashion which has been uncovered with How Long Do Idiots Lives is the ‘I’ll by no means neglect about you.

It involves sending the statement “I’ll by no means neglect about you” to a person you don’t forget an “idiot” among the a while of 12 and 15.

According to Google, fools handiest continue to exist for 12 to fifteen years, consequently the fashion circuitously means that the character will die.

Don’t Believe In Trends Like These

How Long Do Idiots Live? Trendy TikTok Joke is all Over the Internet

As all of us recognise, you’re clever sufficient to chuckle it off. But there are a few touchy folks who won’t. And as a result, they will be afflicted by touchy content material and we simply don’t need to harm everybody from a infantile meme.

So we simply desired to assist you to recognise that don’t take it seriously, y’all aren’t idiots. And it’s all simply any other meme. You men have an extended stunning lifestyles to stay in advance of you. And you’re the best.

We will maintain our readers updated concerning extra thrilling tendencies. Let us recognise what you reflect onconsideration on this fashion withinside the feedback section. Did a person troll you?

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