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How Addressing Certain Questions is Inevitable for Marketing Translation?


Marketing translation is a tough deal. Translators have to struggle with the translation for marketing content and often fail to meet the required quality and accuracy. They try to find the perfect words and fail to translate them. It includes cultural differences, idioms, and puns. Not all languages can have the meaning which maintains the original reference. The struggle is real with the creative language. Marketing translation services are hence a time-consuming process and require an ample amount of time and research. The process, however, can get speedy if the trans creators and the team working on it prepare things in advance. They can have the brief with the key information which is mandatory for them to know during the process. They can also make an outline for the idioms, culture-related terms, and the ones with double meanings. It also includes images that are particularly related to the brand. 

They need to be clear about the content that they are going to work on. Hence, companies and businesses should make sure they provide their translation vendor with every possible information which is significant for the process.

So, the translators and team should have everything regarding the marketing campaign. They are expected to start working on it and answer the following questions. Professional marketing translation services should be started with every required information.

About the Brand

It is evident in the marketing translation that translators and the team know the gist of the content. They should be aware of the brand and the brand recognition they have to work on by putting their efforts into a quality translation. Once they understand the whole content and organizational objectives, they have to identify the important questions, and working on a brand that stands out from the rest is primarily important. The company should also work to share important details about the brand, its purpose, and brand values. This can help the transcreation to work on the marketing and advertising content in a better way.

Questions to address

The transcreation team should be working on answering the following concerns.

  • What is the brand about?
  • What is the product it is offering?
  • How the product and services are different rest of the brands in the market?
  • Who is going to represent the brand and what is its essence?
  • What does the brand is going to endorse including its mission and values?

About the Campaign

Translation companies understand the efforts that marketing and advertising content require. Thus, they should assign the transcreation tasks to the best of the transcreators who can get the crux of the content by the looks of it. Once they are sorted with the branding they should be focusing on the campaign of it. It is also important to take care of the target audience. That practice can help linguists to pay attention to the references according to the age and social groups in the target audience.

Questions to address

Here are the primary questions which are important to answer to cover this topic.

  • What is the purpose of the campaign?
  • What is the message which campaign needs to convey?
  • Who is going to be the target audience of the campaign?
  • What is the response that you are looking forward to?
  • What should be the customer’s next choice after going through the brand content?

Style Preferences

Translation in every industry and niche is carried out in a particular format. Whether you are going to hire software translation services or marketing content all these require a particular style guide to follow.

The company should also chip in the style guides and should make sure that transcreators know what as a company you want to do and what not. They might want their translation team to refrain from using certain words and concepts that go against their values and mission. Likewise, they could ask the team to use particular words time and again to represent their brand and ideas and this particular style should be carried out in the whole campaign.

The source content could include the wordplays and other creative content and translating the same to the target language with the consideration of the meanings and maintaining the essence with a style guide is extremely tough. It might include if the company intends to produce funny content to make them laugh or if they aim to use an analogy. This understanding helps the transcreators to take care of the message and tone in a better way by using different creative devices.

Sharing the future plans of the campaign with where they intend to use the copy such as billboards, and TV commercials should also be part of it. This information can further help the transcreators to understand the expectations and responses of the target audience and how the message can be conveyed in particular mediums.

Questions to address

Also understanding and addressing the following question can help

  • Any particular concepts that the company wants to avoid?
  • The concepts and things that should be added?
  • Which medium they are going to use to make the copy advertise?
  • Any reference material and websites which they want transcreators to see
  • Space limitations
  • If there is any particular format that should be followed to deliver the content?

Marketing translation is somehow technical though not as tough as professional engineering translation services. But every subject and field comes with its particular translation challenges. Technical translation requires special expertise and a team. Also, visuals are extremely important in the marketing text and campaign. Therefore, the company should also send all the possible visuals, boards and brochures, websites, and outdoor posters to the translation team.

Final Words

Marketing content is tough to translate. This requires special expertise and subject matter relevancy to deliver a quality translation. Advertising companies should take responsibility and hand over the briefs and content which is important for the transcreation team to know before they start working. All the important questions including brand and campaigns are important to convey to the translation team.

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