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Users of the social media platform TikTok are in shock after a video from user @ephemeral_remy, who recently said that the most painful piercing they have ever had was a “double dyed coke piercing” (double dydoe piercing).

What was your most painful procedure? is the question the inked-up and heavily-pierced user answers in the video, which was released on July 4. The internet is baffled by his response.

What is the ‘Double Dyed Coke’ piercing on TikTok?

Fans cannot comprehend what the TikTok user is saying in his video since there are no subtitles. His response, however, sounded a little like “double dyed piercing.” Some individuals have heard phrases like “double diet coke,” “double dyedoe,” “double dyed coke,” and so on.

“If you don’t know what those are, I’m not telling you to go look them up, but if you do, you’ll understand why they were the most painful,” he adds.

In a flash, his viewers flocked to Google to check it up, but it seemed that many of them had trouble typing the precise phrase he had used—this is not something you hear every day.

What it really signifies

WARNING: Upcoming material is upsetting

The TikToker in the popular video really refers to a double dydoe piercing rather than a double dyed coke piercing.

A male genital body piercing of this kind goes through the ridged edge of the male genitalia’s head.

Depending on the individual’s morphology, dydoe piercings are often performed in pairs.

According to Infinite Body, the wearer’s glans must be flared for the piercer to even try the piercing. The website also states that uncircumcised persons should not have this piercing.

Other types of uncomfortable piercings

Nipple piercing is another unpleasant process. The customer has to have a very high pain tolerance since the region is extremely sensitive.

Additionally, dermal piercings that penetrate your skin but do not emerge are very uncomfortable.

Depending on whatever section of the nose is being pierced, different parts of the nose will hurt differently. The septum piercing procedure is notoriously unpleasant.

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