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Finding Sugar Daddy is easier in Latin America, says an expert working at dating app company


If something increased today beyond health risks and economic uncertainty, it was undoubtedly the concurrence within dating sites and apps.

The pandemic quarantine restrictions encouraged flirting and romantic encounters to be carried out via mobile devices, but among all the possible suitors to search for, a quantitative study by the most popular sugar daddy website sugar daddy seek portal revealed the most requested category: Sugar Daddies.

Older and attractive men were the most popular in Latin America during 2020. Precisely, SeekingArrangement specializes in connecting “ Sugars ” with young girls or boys… although it arranges all kinds of dates as long as those involved are of legal age.

Under this premise, the romantic site revealed the country with the most Sugar Daddies in Latin America: Mexico, which is also one of the most searched nations on the platform.

In general, Latin America represents the ideal area to find this type of singles over 45 years: it is rich in options and there always seems to be someone available. They themselves specify in their profile that they are ” Daddies “, and from the beginning, they make it clear if they are looking for something serious or casual.

Now, of the 939 thousand 216 Sugar Daddies in Latin America willing to fulfill “new whims” and awaken innovative passions, more than 183 thousand are in Mexico.

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The second country with more of this type of singles is Brazil (141 thousand 725) and is followed by Colombia (73 thousand 745). Meanwhile, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela; they concentrate all of them 540 thousand Sugar Daddies.

Of course, the parameter to count these singles was taken from 2006 (when SeekingArrangement was founded). However, the site reported a constant annual growth rate of 5% on average, which means that not even the COVID-19 crisis stopped older singles from wanting to flirt.

And you, did you start the search for a Sugar Daddy this quarantine? Do you like the older ones “of those who call gentlemen”? Tell us in the comments!

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