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Epoxy Flooring is great for Your Garage


Epoxy floors Brisbane are a great option for garages as they are very durable, and create a tough layer that can handle all kinds of things. Just what you need in a garage where there is oil, grease, tools, lawnmowers, vehicles and other things happening. But not all flooring types can take this type of coating. Before it is applied whether you choose to try doing it yourself or have a professional handle you will need to assess the flooring you have.

Assess your flooring

You need to consider whether the flooring in the garage produces moisture. If it does then you cannot put epoxy down as the moisture prevents the epoxy from bonding with the concrete. Epoxy flooring Brisbane experts will also tell you that it is not a good idea if your flooring has a sealer on it. You should also wait for at least a month with new concrete slabs before your apply epoxy so it is completely dry. If your garage floor is painted you need to remove that first.

Your epoxy requires proper planning

How well the epoxy flooring works out comes down to proper planning and doing the prep work first. You need to make sure the conditions are good enough for it to dry as well. Pre-work will include removing everything from the floor, cleaning the floor thoroughly, including removing grease and oil spots, and then using acid to etch the floor to remove the paint or sealing if there is any. If your floor is crack free you can move on to applying the first layer. But if there are cracks they need to be filled properly first. Then you can do the first layer, then let that dry and do the second layer the next day. As you can see it is a lot of work and an expert in epoxy floors Brisbane could manage it if that is too much.

Types of epoxy

Then you need to choose the best type of epoxy, again something a professional would know best. You can get three types, water-based, solvent-based and 100% solids. The latter is all epoxy with no solvent, it is hard to work with, dries up quickly and is best for professional use. Solvent-based has 40 to 60 ratios with the 60% being solid. It adheres well and penetrates well too. You can get them in different colours, but they can be strong so might be a safety concern as you need a fitted respirator to apply it. Water-based are also 40 to 60 ratios but solid with water rather than solid with solvent. It is not hazardous and is easy to get and use. When using this option for epoxy flooring Brisbane do two coats to boost its life span. The cost of any epoxy is affected by how much solid epoxy is in it. The higher the amount of epoxy solid, the more the cost.

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