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Does Windows 10 have a Safe Mode?


Almost all Windows versions have a Safe Mode feature. With most unnecessary features deactivated and programs running more slowly, this enables you to start your computer with only the essential drivers and data. You won’t even have access to the internet by default. 

Safe Mode, however, is not intended for daily use. When your computer isn’t functioning properly or won’t turn on at all, you’ll need Safe Mode. Therefore, we are here to provide the solution for a query “hp windows 10 safe mode?” with possible solutions. 

How to start HP Windows 10 Safe Mode?

You can have top three methods to launch Safe Mode as follows in the below segment:

Using the Power icon

1. In the bottom-left corner, click the Windows symbol.

2. While pressing the Shift key, click Restart after selecting the Power symbol. 

3. After restarting, a blue screen with the headline “Choose an option” will appear on your computer. Select Advanced options after choosing Troubleshoot.

4. Select Restart after selecting Startup Settings. Then your PC will start and shutdown during the process.

5. Several alternatives will be presented to you when the screen reappears. You need to tap either 4 or 5 on your keyboard to start your PC in Safe Mode with internet connectivity.

Click the Power icon on the sign-in page if you aren’t already logged in.

With the Settings App

1. First, to open the settings app, just click the Windows key + I from your keyboard.

2. Select Recovery, then Update & Security.

3. Click Restart immediately on this page’s Advanced startup section.

4. The Choose an option page will appear when your computer restarts. Then you have to pick Troubleshoot here, followed by Advanced choices.

5. Choose Restart after choosing Startup Settings.

6. You’ll have a few startup options when your machine restarts. Now, you need to press 4 from your keyboard to launch Safe Mode on your PC or 5 to launch Safe Mode while connected to the internet.

Hold The Power Button Until PC Switch Off

If you are not able to boot your Windows normally, then please use this procedure.

1. To start your system, press the power button on your PC.

2. Hold down the power button until the PC switches off once again when you see something show on the screen, most likely the manufacturer’s logo.

3. Repeat twice more, and then restart your computer. Now, you will be able to see the “Preparing Automatic Repair” will start appearing at the bottom of the screen. Once this process is complete, your computer should display the Choose an option screen.

4. Choose Troubleshoot from the menu, followed by Advanced settings and Startup Settings. Then select Restart from the menu.

5. Press 4 to start your computer in Safe Mode or 5 to start Safe Mode with an internet connection when it restarts.

What to do After Being in Safe Mode?

While some issues may be relatively simple to resolve to utilize HP safe mode Windows 10, others may prove to be more difficult.

  • You can quickly try to remove malware from your computer if you believe it to be the result of malware. It could be challenging to complete this task while using your computer normally. 
  • You can launch safe mode to delete an application if you recently installed it and realize that your computer has been functioning strangely ever since.
  • You can update your drivers in safe mode if you think they’re causing instability in your system
  • If your computer crashes even after starting in safe mode, there is probably a hardware issue.
  • If so, you should probably take it to a repairman for additional assistance.
  • You must exit safe mode when you think you’ve found the solution to verify that it works. Simply restart your computer to accomplish this. It should restart with Windows running in its default operating mode.

Exiting Safe Mode 

  • To leave Safe Mode, choose one of two methods.
  • Restarting your computer is the first and simplest option. Holding down the power button or using the Start menu will accomplish this.

When your computer restarts but remains in HP safe mode windows 10, you should:

1. If you want to access the Run menu, just tap the Windows key+R.

2. Type MSConfig into the text box and hit Enter. 

3. Click Boot from the System Configuration menu’s top.

4. Verify that Safe boot is not checked under Boot settings. Click OK after it is finished and restart your computer.

Wrap Up

We hope you will be able to find the solution to the query “Does Windows 10 have a Safe Mode?” from this guide. Windows 10 has a rapid boot time and is a speedy operating system. HP Windows 10 safe mode might not function as it did in earlier versions of Windows, but the techniques we’ve described still work. Try a few of the techniques we described, and then let us know which ones you found most effective. Also, HP Support Assistant software rectify various kinds of issue developed by HP, if you don’t know how to download and how to use So , Our Technical team is 24/7 Available for your assistance.

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