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How do I Set up My HP Wireless Printer?[Complete Guide]


People are facing various challenges while installing HP printers. Therefore, we have written this blog to help them easily set up HP printers using To know step by step instructions, read this guide thoroughly.

Complete Guide For 

1. Unpack your printer, first.

2. To remove the packing, adhere to the setup instructions.

3. Connect the printer’s power cable, switch it on, and set the print cartridges in place. Allow the printer to complete its beginning procedures, printing an alignment sheet among them (if applicable).

4. Decide on one of the connection strategies listed below. Connect your printer right away rather than waiting to install printer software. if printer supports it then you can choose an Ethernet (wired) connection.

5. It should be noted that the printer’s wireless capability is disabled while using an Ethernet connection.

6. Find out how to wirelessly print without a wireless router here.

At least one of these connections to your wireless network is supported by your printer:

Auto Wireless Connect from HP

  • HP Auto Wireless Connect is a technology that enables you to automatically connect your printer to your wireless network without having to plug in any wires or enter your wireless network’s password or network name.
  • This feature will be available through the typical software installation process on many more recent HP printers. 
  • Install the printer-specific software, then follow the on-screen directions to use this option. Choose “Network (Ethernet/Wireless)” as the connection type when requested, and then decide whether to transfer your wireless settings to the printer (recommended). I’m done now! The rest is handled by the HP software.
  • HP Auto Wireless Connect is not compatible with all network setups or computer settings. An alternative wireless setup technique will be provided in these circumstances.

The following prerequisites must be satisfied for a device to be compatible with HP Auto Wireless Connect:

1. Your machine runs Mac OS X 10.5 and Windows Vista (or newer) (and newer).

2. The HP Software can access the machine’s current network settings because your computer connects to your network wirelessly and the operating system is in charge of the wireless adapter.

3. Your computer uses 2.4GHz to connect to your network. 

NOTE: 5.0 GHz networks are incompatible with HP printers. If your router also supports 2.4GHz, you might be able to connect the printer to your network using alternative configuration techniques (as most do). 

4. Your laptop lacks a static IP address.

5. The HP Auto Wireless Connect feature is enabled on your printer.

Before being connected to a network, the printer must remain in this mode for two hours after being turned on for the first time during installation.

Note: You can reset this mode by selecting the “Restore Network Settings” or “Restore Network Defaults” option from the printer control panel if your printer has been on for longer than two hours without the software attempting to connect it to your wireless network. Usually accessible by tapping the wifi icon (or button) and then selecting “Settings” or the gear icon from the Network menu. For further details on this, consult the documentation that came with your printer.

The availability of HP Auto Wireless Connect can be influenced by environmental and technical factors. It is advised to use HP Auto Wireless Connect if it is presented to you while installing your printer. Your computer needs to be momentarily unplugged from your wireless network as part of the setup process. During this time, you won’t get access to the Internet. Before continuing with this setup approach, make careful to save any online work and/or downloads.

Final words

You will be instructed to utilize a different wireless setup method if HP Auto Wireless Connect is not shown to you during the software installation or if it is unsuccessful. Hope this guide helped you with if you’re struggling with it. For more printer-related solutions, always contact HP support. 

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