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Disney’s ‘Encanto’: Who’s Older Mirabel or Camilo?


Mirabel and Camilo can be near in age, however those characters are distinctive with regards to their gifts. Here’s what we recognize approximately the a while of the Madrigal grandchildren featured in Disney’s lively movie Encanto.

Disney’s ‘Encanto’ functions Camilo as a member of the Madrigal own circle of relatives

Most individuals of the Madrigal own circle of relatives have been given magical powers. Camilo, one of the grandchildren on this own circle of relatives, can shapeshift. He periodically converted into different own circle of relatives individuals and characters from the close by village.

Each person takes on a distinctive function on this own circle of relatives. As stated via way of means of Mirabel, her primo Camilo “won’t forestall till he makes you smile.” Throughout the movie, Camilo adjustments form to assist the ones round him.

He converted right into a mom from the village so she ought to loosen up even as he took care of her infant. He became “some other José” to cling a banner. He even converted right into a creepy model of Bruno even as appearing along Dolores and Pepa.

Mirabel Madrigal, the narrator of Encanto, well, she didn’t obtain a present. She nevertheless helped out in her personal unique way. Staying near in age with Camilo, Mirabel additionally had a near courting with all 3 of her cousins.

Camilo is only a few months older than his cousin, Mirabel


The Casa Madrigal has each era dwelling beneathneath one roof. The principal person of this movie, Mirabel, is set 15 years old. The oldest of the Encanto grandkids is Isabela, who nearly acquired a wedding suggestion from a neighborhood hunk withinside the village.

In one own circle of relatives are youngsters Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio, every with unique roles of their own circle of relatives. The 2nd eldest is Dolores, additionally an predicted 21 years old. According to Screenrant, Camilo is an predicted 15 years old, and only some months older than his cousin, Mirabel.

That makes him the center infant of his on the spot own circle of relatives, deemed an unofficial “theatre kid” via way of means of Disney fans. The youngest of the Madrigal grandchildren is Antonio, who acquired his magical present throughout the activities of Encanto.

Camilo seems withinside the ‘Encanto’ song ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’

Aside from supporting out across the house, Camilo sings “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” together along with his own circle of relatives individuals. As one of the maximum famous songs from the lively movie, this tune earned hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify, surpassing “Let It Go” at the United States tune charts.

However, it’s nevertheless uncertain what the destiny holds for characters like Mirabel and Camilo. When requested what Disney+ by-product director Bryon Howard is rooting for, the writer referred to Mirabel’s cousin Camilo.

“I’d say, Luisa or Camilo,” Howard stated throughout an interview with Collider. “What’s extraordinary is that any department you selected enlarge on with this own circle of relatives. I assume you’d have a blast. Pepa and Félix, I’d watch a display with the ones two. That might be so fun.”

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Encanto is now to be had on Disney+.

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