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Deciding Between Measure Square Software Vs Stack Software


Construction companies seek reliable partners to assure integrity in the workflows and consistency in the estimates. So, here we have picked out two best-in-class project management solutions. But both vary distinctively, which puts contractors in a troublesome situation. One is an exclusive estimating tool, whereas the other works as a happy pill for contractors. We are talking about none other than Stack and MeasureSquare. 

The reason for choosing these solutions is to cover all construction managers’ needs. For example, some of you might be interested in software for assuring to-the-point estimates to get done with their work. At the same time, others might be looking for comprehensive software for handling construction management workflow. In this context, a MeasureSquare software vs Stack software comparison is all you need to reach a definitive conclusion. 

Stack Software vs Measure Square: The Overview

First, let’s have a detailed overview of both platforms in this MeasureSquare Software vs Stack software guide. 

Stack Software: 

Stack software is nothing like essential estimating tools. It is a comprehensive platform streamlining the entire construction workflow from scratch. In addition, it helps prevent the ruckus from miscommunication by featuring real-time collaboration tools. Using Stack construction software means availing the opportunity to work in a stress-free environment. It allows clients to nail every aspect of business, leaving no stone unturned. 

This cloud-based software does all the heavy lifting for home builders, general contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers. Stack is referred to as an estimating software for traders as it effortlessly calculates the costs of projects and the materials required. In addition, this industry-recognized solution works as a centralized hub for team collaboration and plan room management. Simply put,  knockout takeoffs, align documents, and brand proposals with a flick of a finger using Stack. 

Measure Square Software:

MeasureSquare is an intuitive real-time estimating platform and is a game changer for contractors looking for a way to close deals faster. Being a tech-savvy tool, the vendor bids farewell to traditional ways of calculating estimates. Putting laser technology into action, it conducts to-the-point assessments to draw floor plans for commercial and residential flooring contractors. 

That’s not all. Embracing the take-off estimating technology of 21st-century Measure Square works wonders. It helps electricians take the floor plans of buildings to place wires, for painters to calculate the gallons required, and much more. This estimating software even works for clients dealing with stone, tiles, and landscape categories, Because at the end, it is all about estimates. Above all, clients can use it to deal with janitorial bidding effortlessly.

Stack vs Measure Square Features:

There’s a reason for including this feature section in the MeasureSquare software vs Stack software comparison. It is to help you understand where the aim of these vendors lies as features reflect how these platforms can be of help. So, let’s have a sneak peek at the exclusive features in this MeasureSquare software vs Stack software guide. 

Stack Features:

Real-time Collaboration:

Drenching the ounce of productivity from the construction projects, this cloud-based platform provides a real-time collaboration service. Whether the clients are working off-filed or on-field, Stack construction software offers data access to all. Keeping the teams aligned and in the loop all the time, reviews reveal Stack enables clients to beat every deadline. Sharing work spreadsheets and referring to the markups is also possible using this cloud platform. 

Cost Estimating and Proposals:

In an attempt to provide contractors and builders a competitive edge, Stack software offers one-in-a-kind estimating tools. Adding to it, the advanced pre-construction tools tasks the complexity out of the project streams. Managing proposals is effortless as it allows vendors to handle bid proposals quickly. The reviews of Stack illustrate this software simplifies the bidding process so clients can get done with it in a fraction of seconds. 

Plan and Document Management

With Stack aligning documents is a snap to do. This load-bearing software rips through the sheets of paper, bidding bye to outdated documentation methods. It offers overlay plan versions so clients can review revised plans without having to redo the takeoffs. Also, Stack reviews show it comes with customizable drag-and-drop functionalities to organize project folders. Sifting through the documents is also made easier by Stack construction software. 

Measure Square Features:

3D-Layout Designs:

As Measure Square is compatible with electricians’ needs, it creates 3D layout designs using laser technology. It is to help electricians grasp a rough idea of setting down the plans for wires. They can map out the layout of the entire building in one go. It thus helps in estimating the cost of projects considering the materials required for wiring, hubs, and conduits. Above all, it helps get an idea of the labor charges making it the best option for commercial purposes. 

Cutlist Optimizer:

The people dealing with the cutting processes in the builder industry need a reliable partner to ace it. Measure Square plays a credible role for cutting projects as it features a cultist optimizer. The SheetCut optimizer taps into the roots of a broad array of projects such as stone slabs, glass, wood panels, and MDF. This tool gets projects nested in seconds and is of assistance to builders, sales reps, and estimators. The end result can even be exported and shared.

Reno Plan:

It is an impressive floor plan measuring app. This iOS app works in all professional settings, whether renovation, restoration, interior designing, or construction projects. Integrating with the laser distance meters and AR/Lidar, the Reno plan features accurate measurements to get projects up and running within moments. Measuring whole square footage of houses and measuring markups have never been easy for remodelers and house agents. 

Concluding Thoughts:

As we mentioned above in this MeasureSquare Software vs Stack software guide, these are two diverse solutions. Measure Square is about getting fast yet authentic estimates so clients can make the best of all projects. It is purely an estimating software for the construction business. Whereas Stack levels up the game of construction-related personnel with its real-time collaboration and document management services. These services add value to the take-off and estimating services of Stack. Therefore, we can wrap up this MeasureSquare Software vs Stack software comparison, saying that the former offers cutting-edge estimating tools. In contrast, the latter works to set things straight for construction companies. 

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