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Dave Portnoy’s sex-tape partner Sydney Raines: ‘I have no regrets’


Raines stated she doesn’t recognize how the raunchy photos became leaked

In early April, Sydney Raines became at her nanny job, searching after the youngsters she has minded seeing that she became a teenager, while she obtained a textual content from a pal asking if she knew Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy.

“They despatched me a video and stated it became despatched to them,” Raines, 22, advised The Post. “Then I were given a textual content from every other pal asking if I became OK. I became like, ‘What the hell goes on?’ ”

The video in query became a intercourse tape she had made in July 2020 with Portnoy, even as traveling him at his Nantucket, Mass., home. When Raines Googled her very own name, the Atlanta resident found out that the video — which confirmed Portnoy conserving a leash connected to a collar round her neck — became plastered throughout the ­Internet.


Dave Portnoy

Raines stated she doesn’t recognize how the raunchy photos became leaked, making clean she didn’t do it herself. She texted Portnoy to invite what had happened, however he didn’t recognize a great deal extra than she did.


“I didn’t have a second of my coronary heart losing or panic till my mom stated we had to talk. But she ended up being supportive,” Raines recalled. “A lot of pals commenced checking in and Dave reached out more than one instances to make certain I became OK.”

After the video made headlines, inventory fees for Penn National Gaming, which owns a 36 percentage stake in Barstool Sports, took a brief dip. Portnoy brushed it off, saying: “Somebody committing against the law through leaking an antique video of intercourse among consenting adults looks as if a dumb cause for a inventory to head down.”

As for Raines, the younger female did some thing almost  unprecedented the age of cancel culture: She issued an unapologetic response. Instead of collapsing right into a teary confessional and wallowing in victimhood, she owned her movements in a assertion that she ran through pals and Portnoy earlier than posting to Instagram.

“I have become conscious the day past that a video has surfaced at the net and yes, that became me,” she wrote, including it became in no way intended to emerge as public. “Some won’t approve of the video content material however it became absolutely consensual and it’s unlucky it’s far not personal however [Portnoy and I] are nonetheless pals with out a animosity . . . I won’t label this a mistake seeing that we’ve got each taken duty for it.”

“I’ve usually been definitely open approximately my sexuality,” she advised The Post. “Maybe I don’t care after I must however I definitely noticed it as only a bump withinside the road. It wasn’t going to spoil me. I experience like human beings would possibly see me as a sufferer in that situation, however I haven’t visible myself that way.”

She signed off with a display of bravado: “With no apologies, Syd.”

Dave Portnoy’s sex-tape partner Sydney Raines: ‘I have no regrets’

Her inbox became flooded with each nice and bad mess­ages. Some accused her of having paid through Portnoy. She vehemently denies it.

“I haven’t gotten whatever from this. It wasn’t approximately cash, it became approximately my conscience. Nothing a great deal has changed,” she stated, including that she has declined gives to strip and be an envoy for diverse apparel companies. Her mother even joked that she must begin an OnlyFans account.

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“She became like, ‘in case you are posting those half-bare images [on Instagram], you would possibly as properly make cash from it.’ But she doesn’t recognize that a variety of women on [OnlyFans] do porn. My images are R-rated, now no longer X-rated. I need to hold it that way.

Raines can also additionally have finished infamy, however she continues to be a self-proclaimed “usa girl.”

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