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Danny Roberts Calls Out Julie Stoffer’s Behavior on Real World Homecoming: New Orleans


“The task become to create significant tv with redemption and love. One people ignored that.”

Julie Stoffer’s antics on “The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans” have sincerely rubbed some of her roommates the incorrect way, with Kelley Wolf thinking about leaving the enjoy altogether due to the fact she felt Julie become manipulating conditions and conversations.

Of course, Kelley has top purpose to suppose this, due to the fact that visitors recognize she and Melissa Beck heard Julie speaking to her husband spencer at the telecellsmartphone approximately how tough she become purposefully seeking to create top tv together along with her conduct. And now, she has a few backup in fellow roomie and longtime pal Danny Roberts.

Following this week’s episode, Roberts took to his Instagram Story to vent approximately the “thrilling edit.” On the brand new hour, Stoffer informed Danny her husband had given her a “corridor pass” to do something she wanted — earlier than displaying him and Kelley a few NSFW pictures Spencer had despatched her. At first, Julie stated they had been nude selfies, however modified her music in a confessional — wherein she claimed they had been simply shirtless pictures, earlier than essentially announcing Kelley become overreacting with the aid of using recoiling at them.

Kelley even sat Julie down, telling her that Stoffer has left her feeling “baited into conversations that do not sense like they may be suitable for me to have.” She added, “When you display me a image of your husband in a state, that isn’t always ok with me,” earlier than asking Julie to recognize her boundaries. Stoffer, however, proclaimed, “This is the character I am” — and, in a confessional, stated she believed she become “getting punished for being myself” and as compared Wolf to her “vintage grandma.”

“Last night time’s episode become an thrilling edit,” wrote Danny on Thursday. “For the record, the ones had been now no longer pictures of a shirtless husband being shared with the aid of using that female. Those had been eggplant pictures being shared.”

Danny Roberts

“In fact, that female become normally granted a completely slight edit obfuscating the genuine nature of events,” he continued, referencing Julie however now no longer calling her out with the aid of using name.

“The task become to create significant tv with redemption and love. One people ignored that,” wrote Roberts. “The international is already awash in fact tv complete of vanity, damaged souls, ego-pushed antics, shallow platitudes and mindlessness. We did not want to feature to the stew with the aid of using making greater or celebrating the bottom not unusualplace denominator.”

Kelley shared Danny’s put up to her very own Story, adding, “Thank you. There is virtually not anything to feature. Once again, your phrases reduce via lies and gaslighting. I am sorry you’ve got got needed to emerge as an professional at that.”

Overall, it is been a messy season for Julie — aleven though how a lot of it become strategically deliberate as opposed to proper is up for debate.

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Right off the bat, she were given into it with each Danny and Melissa, who faced her for hurtful conduct withinside the years straight away following their unique season. Then, after a wasted night time out on Bourbon Street, she become known as out with the aid of using her roommates for insinuating David “Tokyo” Broom bodily injured her even as being concerned for her. She’s additionally been a touch flirty with additionally-married costar Jamie Murray, had loud sexual interactions together along with her husband withinside the home’s courtyard and risked ex-communique from the Mormon church with the aid of using beginning up approximately why she stopped practicing.

It seems like Kelley would possibly peace out withinside the season finale, earlier than filming formally wrapped. The episode drops subsequent Wednesday on Paramount+.

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