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Corinna Kopf’s Latest OnlyFans Earnings Are Absolutely Insane


Corinna Kopf, additionally recognised as “Pouty Girl” throughout her social media channels, is a well-known American influencer and streamer. Best recognised for her everyday look in YouTube famous person David Dobrik’s vlogs, the 26-year-vintage has fast hooked up her personal emblem identity.
In June 2021, Corinna joined the person content material carrier OnlyFans, in which she bowled over lovers together along with her absurd profits, revealing that a unmarried NSFW image offered for $165,000 even as grossing over $four million in only the primary month at the platform.

However, David Dobrik changed into these days left shocked whilst he determined Corinna Kopf’s present day OnlyFans profits in a TikTok video; it is going with out announcing that she has been very difficult at work.

How tons cash does Corinna Kopf earn on OnlyFans?

On 1st July 2022, David Dobrik published a video on TikTok revealing Corinna’s insane OnlyFans profits. The YouTuber opened with the aid of using announcing, “This is my buddy Corinna. She’s sort of had a aspect hustle that all of us realize about, however examine how tons she made.”

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He then proceeded to warn visitors to “buckle in” as she confirmed Corinna Kopf’s month-to-month OnlyFans profits from June 2021 to February 2022. “This makes me need to f**cking vomit. This is surely insane,” David Dobrik said.

Corinna Kopf

Accordingly, among June 2021 (whilst Corinna commenced her OnlyFans) and February 2022, the net famous person raked in $10.eight million, averaging $1.2 million each month. The highest-incomes month changed into in June 2021, whilst she pulled $2.four million; however, her month-to-month profits have dropped gradually seeing that then.

Feb 2022 – $683,635.82

Jan 2022 – $811,138.08

Dec 2021 – $1,046,108.70

Nov 2021 – $970,663.97

Oct 2021 – $954,774.24

Sept 2021 – $1,018,770.86

Aug 2021 – $1,276,071.86

Jul 2021 – $1,698,408.28

Jun 2021 – $2,364,334.07

While David Dobrik did now no longer monitor her OnlyFans profits among March 2022 and the present, we will speculate that it is as a minimum numerous hundred thousand greenbacks in keeping with month. Indeed, Corinna’s preference of labor isn’t everybody’s cup of tea; you continue to ought to applaud the grind.

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Earlier this week, Twitch movie star Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who has a far large fanbase than Corinna Kopf, speculated that she ought to pull up to $10 million if she commenced OnlyFans; and we are starting to see why.

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