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Choose Moissanite Diamond Jewelry Like Moissanite Engagement Rings


Moissanite Bracelet 

A moissanite bracelet is a great idea for those looking to buy jewelry but don’t want to spend a ton of money. Whether you are shopping for an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day present, these moissanite bracelet  make great gifts. They have been gaining popularity over recent years, so many people know what they are and what they look like. Here we will take a closer look at why you should choose one of these beautiful pieces for someone special.

Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

What is it? Unless you’re someone who can appreciate a stone’s luster, fire, and transparency, you probably don’t think much about what makes up your jewelry. Although diamonds are often used in engagement rings, many women want stones that better fit their style or budget—and increasingly, that includes lab-grown moissanite diamonds. While there are other diamond simulants (like cubic zirconia), moissanite is softer than anything found in nature and more affordable for most buyers. However, with a good eye and a little practice, you can learn to spot a moissanite simulant—no matter how high its quality. As far as natural gems go, diamonds are considered rare on Earth but common in space.

Problems With Imitation Diamonds

There are a number of things that make moissanite a poor choice for diamond imitations, but it’s most important to understand that moissanite is designed to mimic only one thing: brilliance. This is what makes it so special, and why it shines like nothing else. But there are lots of other things that make moissanite especially useful in jewelry. For example, unlike diamond—which is among the hardest substances on earth—moissanite shatters and scratches easily. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy moissanite if you want sparkle, though; it just means you need to be careful about how you use it.

Problems With Real Diamonds

In addition to using a resource that is dwindling, buying a diamond also means supporting blood diamonds. These are rough diamonds mined in war-torn areas of Africa, where children as young as eight years old slave away mining and smuggling them out of dangerous regions in order to make money for their families. While some may be aware of these facts and purchase conflict-free diamonds instead, they usually don’t know that they could purchase an equally beautiful alternative made from lab-grown synthetic materials. The process is called synthetic growth, or sometimes just man-made. It was developed by Henri Moissan in 1893 during his time working on another project at General Electric’s research lab in New York City.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

About a decade ago, a new gem was born: moissanite. No, it’s not an emerald or sapphire alternative; it’s actually man-made (don’t worry—it meets all jewelry-quality standards). The brilliance and sparkle of moissanite are especially appreciated by people with sensitive skin. If you have an allergy to nickel and other metals, you might be particularly drawn to moissanite engagement rings because it is much less likely to cause allergic reactions. Unlike diamonds, which cost millions of dollars per carat, moissanites are some of the most affordable gems on earth!

Problems With Moissanite Diamond Jewelry

 It’s not diamond: Moissanite Diamond Jewelry its name, moissanite has no similarities to a real diamond. It does not have a carbon atomic structure and does not possess any of diamonds’ extraordinary characteristics. Instead, it is produced synthetically through high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) processes and is primarily composed of silicon carbide (SiC). 2. It’s less attractive than a diamond: With its grayish or greenish tinge and lower refractive index, moissanite just doesn’t look as good as a diamond.

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