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A video of Breckie Hill’s TikToker shower has reportedly leaked online, with the influencer now claiming her former partner is “trying to sue her over the fiasco.” TikTok star Breckie Hill has a whopping two million followers on the platform, but his fame has drawn attention to his recently leaked video.

Hill, 20, first addressed the leak on Friday, July 21, saying her phone number was also leaked, prompting constant calls from fans. Five days later, the TikTok influencer provided an update: Breckie says she’s being sued by her ex-partner over “709 leaked files.”

Breckie Hill’s TikTok shower video leaked amid constant Snapchat hacks.

The Instagram model took to Twitter to explain how her private videos became public news: “In the Zone,” Breckie revealed.Despite changing his password each time, the hacker managed to access his files.

Hill is now working with a private investigator to track down the user and ensure he is punished for distributing videos depicting minors, as Breckie was only 17 in the clips.

On July 26, the OnlyFans creator reported that her former partner is now trying to sue her over the leaks. Breckie told fans in a POV TikTok video, “POV your ex is trying to sue you for being involved in something that wasn’t even your fault,” hinting that the video featured the ex-couple showed at intimate moments.
The clip received almost 170,000 views before it was deleted.


Hill has deleted four of his most recent videos from his profile, including one in which he admitted 709 of his files were shared; and two responses to inappropriate fan comments.
One even accused a content creator of leaking the videos, to which Breckhie replied:
“This comment really bothers me,” he said. “Why would I purposely go through the stress, anxiety, and tears to put my baby’s pictures online, including my number and email address?”

“Maybe next time you should be more careful and try to put you in that situation,” she continued.

Who is Breckie Hill?Born on April 18, 2003,

Breckie Hill is a popular TikTok star from Edina, Minnesota. She is best known for her lip sync videos and dance trending videos.
Her uploaded videos regularly get over two million views, but one of her most popular videos to date is her fake drool reaction to seeing herself in Nike Pro shorts. Prior to her social media fame, Hill was a school cheerleader and won a trophy on ESPN Wide World Of Sports in 2019.

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