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Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai Smith thought her mom was ’embarrassed’ of her weight


Smith shared her weight loss adventure in a brand new interview.

R&B singer and actor Brandy’s daughter Sy’Rai Smith is moving into the highlight with a frame-high-quality message.

Smith made her TV debut on “The Real” on November 19 and unfolded approximately her fitness problems, her weight loss tale and the way her Grammy-prevailing mother endorsed her.


“I had quite a few fitness troubles after I turned into at the dimensions that I turned into,” Smith informed hosts Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. “So, I modified my mindset, modified my mentality, and I knew that being withinside the frame I turned into in, I knew my lifestyles wasn’t going to be as long. I had such a lot of troubles with my fitness and I simply knew residing my purpose, I would not be capable of stay in that frame if I desired to satisfy some thing going ahead in my lifestyles.”

She later added, “I desired to extrade due to my fitness at first, however then, obviously, with fitness and converting your lifestyle, weight reduction form of comes.”

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The 19-year-antique says she frequently in comparison herself to her mom and her insecurities made her experience that her mother turned into embarrassed through her weight.

“Seeing my mother get dressed a sure manner or put on sure matters, whilst she turned into on carpets or on set, it turned into form of hard as it turned into like, ‘Why am I now no longer that manner? Why am I now no longer that size? Why turned into I made the manner I turned into made?’”

Smith continued, “Sometimes I could experience a bit unhappy or I could experience like she turned into embarrassed of me.”

But Smith stated her mother turned into usually encouraging.

But Smith stated her mother turned into usually encouraging.

“These are all simply insecurities in my head,” she stated. “She turned into in no way like that. She usually turned into supportive. She usually knew that I turned into beautiful. She supported me whether or not I desired to lose quite a few weight or now no longer. She usually informed me that I turned into beautiful. Always.”

“She in no way felt any of these matters that I felt that she felt. I simply usually form of felt just like the unusual one out. My entire own circle of relatives is withinside the highlight. I simply turned into the unusual one out. And now, coming from that to this, and figuring out it turned into in no way that. They nonetheless cherished me whether or not I turned into one weight or another.”

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After the interview aired, Brandy shared a touching message on Instagram praising her daughter.

“What an splendid human being♥️,” she captioned a screengrab of her daughter’s tv appearance. “I love your spirit and your smile.

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